June 14, 2024

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Donald Trump is introducing his trading cards…and the price may surprise you

Donald Trump is introducing his trading cards…and the price may surprise you

It’s “like a baseball card” but “more exciting” and $99 each: Donald Trump, who promised a “big” announcement, finally unveiled a line of collectible cards on Thursday.

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In a message on his reality social network, the former president, who has entered the race for 2024, released a set of “Donald Trump digital cards” in a pattern familiar to sports fans.

On Wednesday, the unpredictable Republican released this intriguing message: “America needs a superhero. I will make a major announcement tomorrow.”

The vignettes will be “the greatest works of art of my life and my life,” promises the billionaire Republican, who is overcoming a difficult political past.

He posts a picture drawn in the style of a muscular superhero from “comic books”.

The character in his portrait is crouched at the hips in a boxing ring, framed in a red jumpsuit, with a “Trump Champion” belt holding his waist against an American flag background.

“Only $99 each! A great idea for a Christmas gift! Hurry up! I think they will leave very quickly,” the former president repeats.

On a website Dedicated InternetThe businessman and former TV star offers rewards to some cardholders, such as dinner at his luxurious Florida home or an hour of golf with him.

The announcement risks reinforcing the impression that Donald Trump’s campaign is not really what he hoped it would be.

Although he has so far held a near-total grip on the Republican Party, some Tenners have begun to publicly criticize him for fielding more extreme candidates in November’s midterm elections.

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The alt-right did not succeed in imposing the room it hoped for on Democrats and President Joe Biden during the election, which included federal members of parliament but also governors.

Recent polls also show that Donald Trump is currently outranked in the hearts of Republicans by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

The 40-year-old combines a fierce personality with radical stances on immigration and social issues.