June 20, 2024

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Donald Trump is innocent of being accused of endangering the United States

Donald Trump is innocent of being accused of endangering the United States

We unequivocally plead our innocenceHis attorney, Todd Blanch, said during the hearing. This sets the stage for a very damaging case for his campaign for the 2024 US presidential election.

Donald Trump sneakily arrived at the federal courthouse in Miami on Tuesday afternoon, where he was notified of the 37 charges against him.

The media was not allowed to film or photograph the former president who entered the court through an underground vehicular ramp. Several American television channels were content to show images of the few dozen demonstrators who went to court to protest his charges.

Donald Trump’s car sped into the underground parking lot of the federal courthouse in Miami.

Photo: Getty Images/Joe Radle

Mr Trump, who is dreaming of re-election in 2024, became the first former president in US history to be indicted by a federal justice after any defendant would undergo the same formalities, including fingerprinting. According to a judicial source, his photograph will be stored in the court’s computer system, but will not be made public.

He was accused of endangering the security of the United States by keeping classified documents, including information about military plans and nuclear weapons, in closets or storerooms at his luxury club Mar-a-Lago in Florida.

He was also accused of refusing to return these documents despite court orders, a charge against him alone. Illegal Retention of National Security Information But also for that Obstruction of justice And False witness.

Donald Trump was allowed to leave the courthouse without conditions or travel restrictions and no bond was required. He enjoyed a walk as he left court at an iconic Cuban restaurant where Republican activists gather in Florida.

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I think it’s going wellHis followers said he wished him a happy birthday a day early.

His personal assistant, Walt Nauta, also appeared before the trial judge on Tuesday. He is accused of lying to investigators and conspiring with Trump to hide boxes of classified documents. He has to present his case on June 27 as the lawyer did not appear.

Judge Jonathan Goodman banned the duo from contacting potential witnesses in the case.

A man dressed as a prisoner holds a sign calling for Donald Trump to be jailed.

Protesters were already outside a Miami courthouse Tuesday morning.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Frederick Arnold

Scams to his credit

Since he raised the question, the Republican Party has been decrying it A system He was slated to drop out of the race against Democratic President Joe Biden.

Hours before the hearing, he renewed his criticism Department of Injustice And against special prosecutor Jack Smith, assigned to the case, he called one thug And Crazy.

At the same time, his campaign team has been blasting emails to his supporters, encouraging them to contribute financially to defend him.

Donald Trump has already experienced a court appearance: In early April, he was indicted by a New York state court for multiple accounting fraud related to payments made to silence a pornographic film actress before the 2016 presidential election. Mistress.

Hours after his court appearance, the former White House tenant flew to New Jersey, where he delivered remarks at a partisan rally, calling his formal charges a “brutal abuse of power” and accusing President Joe Biden of corruption.

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In the United States, a law requires presidents to turn over their emails, letters, and other working documents to the National Archives. Another law prohibits keeping state secrets in unauthorized and unsecured places.

When he left the White House in January 2021, Donald Trump took dozens of boxes full of files with him. According to the indictment, they were stacked and moved repeatedly in several easily accessible locations, including a ballroom and restrooms.

A bathroom filled with boxes of documents in Mar-a-Lago, Florida.

According to the indictment, the former president stashed classified documents in several rooms of his residence, including the bathroom.

Photo: Reuters/US Department of Justice

In January 2022, after several reminders, the former president agreed to return boxes containing nearly 200 classified documents, but kept some secret. To rescue them, agents FBI On August 8, a surprise raid was conducted at Mar-a-Lago and about 30 boxes containing 11,000 documents were seized.

Donald Trump is probably not done with legal troubles. A Georgia attorney is set to announce the outcome of his investigation into trying to change the 2020 presidential election by September.

Jack Smith is being investigated for his role in the attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

As for the former president’s criminal trial in New York, it could be organized as early as 2024, during the Republican primaries, in which he is currently the favorite.

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