July 18, 2024

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Trump gives himself a walkover as he leaves court: “He’s pushing back boundaries”

Trump gives himself a walkover as he leaves court: “He’s pushing back boundaries”

After pleading guilty to 37 felonies, former US President Donald Trump excitedly greeted customers at a restaurant in Miami’s Little Havana; A way of doing things that makes the crew members of “La Joute” react.

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“Food for all!” began the former president on his way out of court hours before addressing a crowd gathered at a golf club in New Jersey.


American billionaire shakes hands in chain restaurant.

A surreal scene beyond comprehension, according to political analyst Yasmin Abdelfadel.

“He’s pushing back the boundaries, this is his tour, and when he was just indicted, he was read 37 counts, it’s okay, we’re going to eat the Cuban, we’re going to shake hands. Your picture is taken. Everything we know about the election campaign, the most democratic country in the world. He shakes up everything we know about a politician who aspires to high office,” he said.


Former NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair notes that Donald Trump’s historic appearance before the US Supreme Court was covered by all major media outlets.

“Trump is making history. It completely dominates a news cycle. Two and a half years into the mandate of a certain Joe Biden, who are we still talking about? Trump, even with the bad news, he’s going to raise funds […] He knows how to use the medium like no other person I have ever met,” he shares.

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Political analyst Luke Lavoie also laments that the mainstream American media has fallen into “showbusiness” logic.

“We could see the court, we could see where he slept, and there were reporters everywhere […] That’s fascinating! He is an evil man, a man who carries evil with him,” he raises.

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