April 16, 2024

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Biden withholds documents: Special counsel criticized by both parties

Biden withholds documents: Special counsel criticized by both parties

Republicans were unhappy with the lack of impeachment against President Joe Biden and Democrats were outraged by comments about the current president's “bad memory.” After his report on Joe Biden's handling of classified documents, special counsel Robert Hurr had to respond to bipartisan attacks during his testimony before a congressional committee on Tuesday.

His appearance was an opportunity for elected officials from both parties to score points with the November presidential election in the background.

Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee condemned his description of Joe Biden as an old man with dementia, weighing on Robert Hurr's decision not to recommend prosecution.

Prosecutor Har, whose 388-page report was released last month, clearly expects to justify this aspect, which he addressed early in his opening statement. The assessment I made in the report on the appropriateness of the President's memorial was necessary and justifiedHe declared at the start of five hours of testimony.

Biden is vulnerable

If Attorney General Hurr's decisions acquit Joe Biden, 81, they underscore his vulnerability among voters already concerned about his advanced age and give the Republican camp ammunition just months before November's presidential election.