June 15, 2024

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Zuckerberg, Biden and the FBI

Zuckerberg, Biden and the FBI

Mark Zuckerberg caught the attention when he appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast last Thursday with some revelations. The Facebook boss returned to the 2020 campaign by emphasizing warnings issued by the FBI.

The federal agency would have been interested in two files: Russia’s interference, and then the contents of a famous laptop forgotten in a repair shop by the president’s son.

Zuckerberg’s words

So take a moment to revisit the words of Facebook’s first president. First, Russia’s intervention in 2016 was real. The outage particularly affected social networks, including Facebook. Should we be surprised that the agency is demanding more awareness?

Needless to say, as we are trying to protect the electoral process and curb the spread of misinformation, the issue of the President’s son is our only concern. Once again, Hunter Biden’s shadow hangs over his father’s presidency. I have already written about it many times. Here, Here And Here.

Hunter Biden

Photo Archives, AFP

Hunter Biden

Again, despite a publication by Trump supporters or the like New York PostIt’s hard to say that either the Bidens or the FBI tried to bury the story and the current administration is illegal.

First, Zuckerberg talked about the famous laptop only after the revival of the subject. Before that, he only confirmed the FBI’s role in propaganda and disinformation. Even when he answers a question about the laptop, he remains vague.

Did Zuckerberg stop circulating an article? Mail Is there any relevant information about Hunter Biden’s illegal activities? Yes and no. The FBI warnings are not about the president’s son, but his story fits the nature of the warnings.

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How will API leaders respond when asked about Zuckerberg’s comments? Their role with a private company is limited to warnings. Facebook certainly isn’t the only company to get it, and Zuckerberg confirms it if the article’s visibility is reduced. MailIt continued to spread.

A game-changing interview?

If the exchanges between Rogan and Zuckerberg got people talking, nothing major came out. Let’s compare the real and documented misdeeds of many members of the Trump administration to the personal misdeeds of the current president’s son.

As of this writing, Hunter Biden, the man who most harmed his father, is under investigation and there is no evidence to support any further wrongdoing or possible criminal activity by Joe Biden. Surely this is what we would say if we still had faith in institutions and above all in facts.