April 21, 2024

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A judge tossed out several minor charges in Trump's Georgia trial

A judge tossed out several minor charges in Trump's Georgia trial

A judge in the trial of Donald Trump and 14 of his co-defendants on Wednesday tossed out several secondary charges in Georgia for illegally trying to change the results of the 2020 US presidential election in the key state.

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The decision by Judge Scott McAfee is to rule this week on a request to withdraw from the prosecutor investigating the case, Fannie Willis, the defendants, citing a conflict of interest because of her close relationship with an investigator involved in the case. matter.

A judge on Wednesday granted part of the defendants' requests to dismiss some of the 41 charges in the indictment issued on August 14, specifically under the Georgia (Southeast) Crimes in an Organized Group Act.

He concludes that the six dismissed charges of acts of inducing elected officials to violate their oath of office “lacked sufficient detail” and therefore “defendants did not provide sufficient information to intelligently prepare their defense.” – he concludes.

However, he rejects their appeal on other charges.

During a final hearing on the prosecutor's motion to withdraw on March 1, Judge McAfee indicated his intention to rule within the next two weeks.

If he decides there is a conflict of interest that would justify a withdrawal, it will further adjourn this hearing, for which no date has been set.

Four of the 19 people originally charged in the case have already pleaded guilty. The other defendants were given reduced sentences without prison time in exchange for their testimony at future trials.

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Former President Trump, who has been targeted by four separate criminal proceedings, has vowed to be the Republican nominee in the November election against outgoing Democratic President Joe Biden. .