September 22, 2023

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Drug awareness

Here is a true incident that happened a few days ago.

We are at the University of Minnesota, with over 50,000 students and an annual budget of US$4 billion.

More precisely, we are in the Faculty of Medicine.


Freshmen admitted in the fall of 2022 gather in the large amphitheater.

The ceremony will be chaired by Robert Englander, Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Professor and Physician.

Students must take an oath. They are all in white robes before the altar.

The Master of Ceremonies reads the solemn announcement.

These future physicians must “respect all indigenous healing systems historically marginalized by Western medicine” (My translation)

They vow to fight against “white supremacy, colonialism and gender binary.”

I’ll leave you with the rest of his waking rigmarole.

I repeat: we are here in the medical faculty of a very large modern university, and we deal with all new admissions.

Dr. Englander holds degrees from Yale, Johns Hopkins, and Harvard.

He now presides over a formal religious ceremony.

Students lend themselves to an initiation rite of purification and baptism to enter the religion of “Critical Race Theory,” a new gospel sweeping campuses.

One has the feeling of being in front of a group of hallucinations like Jonestown or Waco.

October 11 at 2:41 pm Christopher F. Check out the footage on Rufo’s Twitter feed. It’s 1 minute 43 seconds of pure ecstasy.

With all due respect, how many cancers have these “native therapies” cured?

What surgical inventions do we owe to them?

How many antibiotics did they discover?

How many times have they allowed fatal childhood diseases to be eradicated?

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At 19e century, a pledge of allegiance to the Catholic or Anglican faith was required to enter university.

We’ll get back to that, but the theory has changed.

I tell you about it so that you understand that Awakened Religion is not the work of serious students in third-rate universities in obscure fields of literature, anthropology, sociology.

Awakened religion is now sweeping the physical sciences and mainstream institutions.

Princeton University mathematician Sergio Kleinerman said he had never been told that mathematics was “racist” in his home country of Romania, one of the world’s most prestigious.


Have you ever tried chatting with these new fanatics?

It is useless, because we are faced with a doctrine, its commandments, its rituals, its sins, its priests, its heaven, its hell.

When you have faith, you don’t need scientific evidence or deny it when you’re confronted with it.

Imagine a society where people trained in this way by these humbugs have reached positions of responsibility.

It all ends very badly. By then, the damage will be terrible.