June 16, 2024

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El Salvador offers 5,000 passports to “highly qualified foreigners”.

El Salvador offers 5,000 passports to “highly qualified foreigners”.

El Salvador's president, Nayeb Bugele, announced on Saturday that he would issue 5,000 passports to “highly qualified foreigners” who agree to settle in the small, poor Central American country.

“We are giving away 5,000 free passports,” said Mr. Bukele wrote on the social network – he added.

He noted that the beneficiaries would enjoy Salvadoran nationality and the right to vote, and would be able to import their goods without customs duties.

“Although their numbers are small, their contributions will have a huge impact on our society and the future of our country,” said Mr. Bukele continued, hinting that he would provide “more details” soon.

Nayeb Bukhele, who was sworn in as president in June 2019, won a new five-year mandate during the February 4 elections, during which he won 84.65% of the vote, favored by his ruthless war against “Maras”, gangs. Country.

Since the offensive began in March 2022, more than 79,000 members of the “Maras” have been arrested, according to the government, which estimates that these criminal gangs are now 75% eradicated. Although human rights organizations condemn arbitrary arrests, ill-treatment, torture and deaths in prison, this brutal policy is widely supported by the public.

During his new presidency, which begins on June 1, Mr. 30% of Salvadorans live in poverty and 10% in extreme poverty.

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