July 20, 2024

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‘We want to live’: Gelensky appealed to Canadians for help

‘We want to live’: Gelensky appealed to Canadians for help

It was in the crowded House of Commons that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky delivered a powerful speech to Canadian elected officials, urging them to do more to counter the Russian adversary, especially by imposing a no-fire zone.

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“We want to live. We want to win, we want to win, ”he said from his office in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, which imposed a 36-hour curfew due to the incessant bombings.

The sober speech, stopped by pictures of a nation destroyed by bombs, was warmly greeted with thunderous applause from the benches of the delegates and the podium reserved for the audience.

Just minutes before the president’s expected speech on the war, Justin Trudeau paid a heartfelt tribute to his “friend” a few minutes earlier.

The Prime Minister began by honoring the relations that unite the Ukrainians with Canada. Ukrainian immigrants, as a result of the wave of immigration from the last century, now have 1.4 million Canadians, making it the second largest in the world. Trudeau recalled.

“Many of them settled in the Canadian prairies and worked on the land. They built churches that are distinguished by their beautiful towers. They have helped shape Canada in significant ways.

Justin Trudeau, who has vowed that Canada will continue to support his Eastern European ally, says it’s been almost three weeks since the start of the Russian invasion.

“Volodymyr, since I knew you, I have always thought you were the winner of democracy. Now democracies around the world are lucky enough to make you a champion.

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The government announced the previous day that it would add about fifteen “accomplices” to the Russian invasion list of persons allowed by Canada.

“In Canada we want to support the oppressed. When a cause is justified and good, we believe that no matter how small the enemy, it will always win. That does not mean it will be easy. Ukrainians are already paying incalculable human costs.