May 25, 2024

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[EN DIRECT] Day 3 of the war in Ukraine: All progress is here

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The capital, Kiev, was attacked by Russian forces as the Ukrainian president called on his people to defend Kiev, claiming that weapons were coming from his Western allies.

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9:17 am | Poland condemns the “firm selfishness” of Western countries, including Germany

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki on Saturday denounced in Berlin the “firm selfishness” of some Western countries, including Germany, in the aftermath of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“That’s why I came here, to President Olaf Schulz, to shake his conscience, to shake Germany’s conscience. So they (Germans) finally decided to impose truly crushing sanctions against Russia, Moraviki told Polish reporters before meeting with the federal chancellor.

9:17 am | Prince William and his wife Kate express their support for the Ukrainians

Prince William and his wife Kate, second in line to the British throne, expressed their support for the Ukrainian people on Saturday after Russia’s invasion, breaking the routine reserves of the British royal family.

“In October 2020, we had the privilege of meeting with President Zhelensky and First Lady to share hope and optimism for the future of Ukraine,” the royal couple wrote on Twitter.

“Today we fight bravely for this future with the President and all Ukrainians,” they signed the message with their initials W and C and the blue and yellow flag of Ukraine. ‘Ukraine.

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8:13 am | The Kremlin accuses Ukraine of destroying a ceasefire by refusing to negotiate

On Saturday, the Kremlin accused the third day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine of derailing a ceasefire by refusing to negotiate.

8:05 am | Blinken announces $ 350 million US military aid to Ukraine

US diplomat Anthony Blinkan announced on Saturday that the United States would provide $ 350 million in new military assistance to Ukraine to help Kiev fight the Russian invasion.

7:49 | Russia closes its airspace on flights connected to Bulgaria, Poland and the Czech Republic

Russia announced on Saturday that it would close its airspace to flights connected with Bulgaria, Poland and the Czech Republic, following a similar decision by Warsaw, Prague and Sofia against Russian airlines.

7:29 | Kiev tightens curfew, treats anyone on the street after 5pm as an enemy

The mayor of the Ukrainian capital announced on Saturday that he would tighten the curfew order due to the Russian invasion, warning that anyone on the street from 5pm to 8am would be considered an enemy.

6:09 | Prague sends more than 7 million euros worth of weapons to Ukraine

The Czech Defense Ministry announced on Saturday that the Czech Republic will donate 7.6 million euros worth of machine guns, automatic and sniper rifles, handguns and ammunition to Ukraine.

5:54 | Nearly 200 civilians were killed in the invasion of Ukraine, fighting in Kiev

Kiev was hit by a missile attack from Moscow on Saturday and fighting is raging in the city, where the Ukrainian president is calling on his people to take up arms against the Russian invasion, which, according to Ukraine, has killed nearly 200 civilians.

5:49 | Ukraine: President Zhelensky has said that Russia’s plan has been thwarted

On Saturday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky promised that Russia had “broken the plan” on the third day of the invasion of his country, and called on Vladimir Putin to stop the war.

5:36 | The Quebec economy is capable of absorbing shock

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Quebec is not Vladimir Putin’s Russia’s main economic partner, so it can absorb the impact of the conflict, despite some short-term price fluctuations.

5:27 | Ukraine: Zhelensky says his allies are sending “weapons” and calls for the protection of Kiev

The Ukrainian president said on Saturday that his Western partners would supply new weapons to Ukraine and called on Ukrainians to protect Kiev, which has been hit hard by heavy fighting with Russian forces.

0h00 | The capital is under attack

The bloody advance of the Russians continued in Ukraine on Friday evening as Putin’s army prepares to overthrow the capital, Kiev, which has been living with the sound of missile strikes and anti-bomb sirens for three days.

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