May 23, 2024

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[EN IMAGES] Authorities use explosives to destroy part of a collapsed Baltimore bridge

[EN IMAGES] Authorities use explosives to destroy part of a collapsed Baltimore bridge

US officials on Monday detonated part of the Baltimore Bridge, which collapsed in March after being hit by a stricken container ship, killing six workers.

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Crews used controlled explosions to cut through the metal beams of a portion of the structure to facilitate cutting debris from the structure.

The move will also enable the US to free the 300-meter ship, which was moored to one of the piers on March 26.


Just after 5pm, the target structure exploded with a loud bang, metal beams fell into the water, while a huge cloud of black smoke was dispersed by the wind.

The operation aims to break down this giant mechanic into smaller parts that can be easily removed by the enormous cranes that have been dismantling it bit by bit for weeks.

The Francis Scott Key highway bridge was hit by a damaged tollie and collapsed like a house of cards within seconds, unable to slow its course.

Six workers, all Latin American immigrants, who were engaged in road repair work on the bridge, died. The last body was found last week.

The Francis Scott Key Bridge served as an important highway in the northeastern United States connecting the capitals of Washington and New York. One of the country’s busiest ports has been closed to sea traffic.

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“We’re going to move heaven and earth to get this bridge built quickly,” Joe Biden announced when he visited the site in early April.

Meanwhile, a temporary navigation corridor has been opened, specifically to allow the passage of vessels carrying out clean-up operations.

But trade is also benefiting, and growing slowly: The Port of Baltimore announced Monday in the United States.

The accident is being investigated by the US Federal Police (FBI) and the National Transportation Safety Board.