June 16, 2024

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[EN IMAGES] The death toll in the Cuban hotel explosion has risen to 30

[EN IMAGES] The death toll in the Cuban hotel explosion has risen to 30

The death toll from an accidental explosion at a Saratoga hotel in Havana rose to 30 on Sunday, three more than the previous day, the public health ministry said.

“As of 11:30 am on May 8, 84 people were injured, 24 of whom were hospitalized, 30 were discharged from the hospital and 30 died,” the ministry said in a statement on its website.

In its previous press release, the ministry announced 27 deaths.

Firefighters and rescue workers have been searching for bodies under the rubble in old Havana since early Sunday morning.

Of the 30 dead, 16 men and 14 women, four minors, a pregnant woman and a 29-year-old Spanish tourist were injured in the blast that partially destroyed the renovated luxury hotel.

Of the 24 people admitted to the hospital, seven were in critical condition, six were in critical condition and 11 were in critical condition.

The Iconic Hotel has been closed for two years due to the epidemic and is set to reopen to the public on May 10.

According to the Ministry of Tourism on Saturday, 51 workers were inside when the explosion occurred, apparently due to a gas leak delivered to the hotel by a tanker truck. The first four floors of the 5 star hotel were demolished.

Saratoga has been known for presenting many celebrities in recent years, including Mick Jagger, Beyonc மற்றும் and Madonna.

Built in 1880 to house shops, the building was converted into a hotel in 1933 and converted into a luxury company in 2005.

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