June 15, 2024

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Encryption | New York’s new mayor’s “chin”

(New York) A few days after being elected mayor of New York last November, Eric Adams appeared on the set. Late show By Stephen Colbert When the CBS host mentioned that the newly elected officer was celebrating his victory at one of Manhattan’s most popular nightclubs, the elected mayor corrected him.

Richard Head

Richard Head
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He not only celebrated at Zero Bond, as the media revealed, but also at two popular clubs, Gaza Cipriani and Sugar Hill.

⁇ [New York] City of nightlife. I want to test the product, he said with a laugh. We were the coolest place in the world. We are so tired right now. ”

Looking back on his first full week as mayor of New York City, Eric Adams did not find himself bored. The American metropolis is unlikely to have seen such a scene on the scene. In fact, as a reporter New York Times, The successor to Bill de Blasio will probably be the happiest New York mayor after Jimmy Walker, says Pew James, who resigned in 1932 due to a corruption scandal.

It should be noted that this comparison was made even before the confidential announcements of the two appointments, which raise concerns ethical questions.

One of them is about a former NYPD officer, one of the biggest scandals plaguing New York police in recent years.

The other is about Eric Adams’ little brother.

But let’s start from the beginning of this first week rather than the end. A week paused by symbolic gestures and memorable statements.

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Metro, bike and word

First Symbol: Eric Adams takes Metro to work 110 at the start of his first full daye New York Mayor. From the top of the J-Line stage, he is surrounded by journalists who watch a fight involving three men on the sidewalk.

The former NYPD captain is not one or two. He picks up his cell phone, dials 911, and describes an incident on a street in Brooklyn where he was president before being elected mayor.

When the 911 operator asked him to identify himself, he said, “Adams, Mayor Adams. ”

Photo by Seth Wenick, Archives Associated Press

Mayor Adams called 911 during a fight in the subway on the 1stThere is January

The media is delighted with the story, which appears to illustrate the 61-year-old Democrat’s desire to reduce crime in New York.

Second Gesture: Dressed in city attire and wearing a helmet, Adams rode a New York City bike, the equivalent of BIXI, to attend the first meetings of his second day at Town Hall.

The media will not miss the opportunity to recall the new mayor’s promise to add 450 km of protected bike lanes from one end of New York to the other.

Everything is fine until Eric Adams starts talking. At his first press conference, he used the word to provoke unrest swagger To talk about the attitude he claims to be inferior to in New York City when confronting Govt-19.

The word is often used to refer to an arrogant wind, an arrogant behavior, or arrogance. For now, it will be translated as “courage”, which is a question of giving the racer a chance.

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“When a mayor is brave, his city is brave,” Eric Adams told reporters. “All we have done is bring down the people to the point where they are smashing Govt[-19]. That’s when we stopped believing. We are a brave city. ”

Worse and worse

In a city where nearly 36,000 people have died from COVID-19 disease, the Omicron variant these days is causing an outbreak of pollution and hospitalization. swagger Sounded like a misnomer in the ears of many New Yorkers.

But only Eric Adams was warming up. Two days later, he used another more or less happy formula, asking companies not to delay returning to the office of their employees who depend on many New Yorkers who cannot work remotely.

My skilled workers [low-skilled workers], My cooks, my dishwashers, my ambassadors, my shoe shiners, those who work at Dunkin ‘Donuts, they have no academic ability to sit at the executive desks.

Eric Adams, Mayor of New York

She was a maid to many New York progressives, including Alexandria Ocazio-Cortes. “Any job is ‘low-skilled’ is a myth pursued by the rich to justify inhumane working conditions, poor or health care and low wages,” the Democratic representative in New York tweeted.

Photo by Jacqueline Martin, Archives Associated Press

Alexandria Oaxacio-Cortes, Democratic Representative of Congress from New York

But the most serious controversies have not yet come.

Friday, in the published column Daily News, Philip Banks, a friend and confidant of the new mayor, has announced his own appointment as deputy mayor in charge of public security. The former NYPD No. 2 resigned in 2014 because he was under federal investigation, which led to allegations of accepting travel and other gifts in lieu of assistance from other senior police officers.

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He specifically denied having sex with prostitutes during two free trips to the Dominican Republic.

Newspapers also discovered on the same day that Eric Adams had appointed his younger brother to the post of deputy leader of the NYPD’s new chief, Kiechant Sewell. Bernard Adams, 56, was a simple sergeant when he left the NYPD in 2006. Since July 2021, he has served as Deputy Director of Parking and Transportation Operations at the Commonwealth University Medical Center in Virginia.

His new job will earn him an annual salary of $ 240,000.

There is another word to translate swagger : “Foundation”.