April 19, 2024

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Erdogan’s War Policy | “The West Shouldn’t Look Away Anymore”

Erdogan’s War Policy |  “The West Shouldn’t Look Away Anymore”

(Paris) In a column published on Saturday, one hundred French members of parliament condemned the “war policy of the Turkish president” towards the Kurds of northern Syria.

Published yesterday at 3:00 pm.

“As Vladimir Putin’s Russia ramps up war crimes in Ukraine, in the shadow of global outrage, Recep Tayyip Erdogan plans to launch another bloodthirsty offensive against the Kurds of northern Syria,” say signatories to the forum, published on the weekly website. Newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche.

The Turkish president “uses his status as a NATO pivot in the context of the conflict in Ukraine and receives a blank check from the Atlantic alliance to intensify his attacks in northern Syria”, these representatives and communist senators, LFI (extreme left), socialists, environmentalists but some LR (right) or President Emmanuel Members of Macron’s party.

“Western countries should no longer look after” these elected officials, calling on EU member states to “guarantee the safety of Kurdish activists and associations on European soil”.

They are calling on France to take over the UN Security Council to “impose a no-fly zone over northern Syria and place Syria’s Kurds under international protection”, and ask that the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (ANES) “can”. Benefit from international recognition”.

Following an operation in 2019, Mr Erdogan has repeatedly threatened to launch a military offensive against Kurdish fighters in northern Syria to create a “safe zone”.

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