March 23, 2023

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Escalation of conflict in Ukraine: “We are already in gears”

A year into the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the prospects for peace are more uncertain than ever, despite a “peace plan” put forward by China.

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At least that’s the sentiment shared by Simon Leduc, a former military intelligence officer, when he appeared on “Le Billon.”

This famous “Peace Project”, in reality, can only be a facade.

“It turned out that in the Kremlin, they never talked about peace,” he explains. The US has opened four bases in the Philippines and quadrupled its personnel in Taiwan, so China has a lot to worry about as the Chinese feel threatened by US expansion.

The US would also have a head start on China as it could test its military equipment in Ukraine.

“The Chinese have not yet tested their military equipment, and in my opinion they will start doing so,” the expert said.

At the same time, politicians on both sides of the conflict are exchanging statements that put the countries still in their corner.

“If you look at the speeches anywhere this afternoon on all channels, it’s autocracy and democracy,” he said. That is where we are going.”

So who will actually bring the peace debate Mr. Leduc struggles.

“The structures that can lead us to peace are politicians and diplomats and they are the most aggressive right now,” he said. Politics paints you into one corner, and then it’s stubbornly looked at from the other side.”

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“There are no politicians in major NATO countries who have served in the military,” he continues. They do not know war. Their relationship with war is romantic. So those who know war wonder where we are going. We’re already in gear. When Biden asserts that he is not going to spend Ukraine, we see all of his political elements.

Therefore, it is impossible to know when the red line of the world war will be crossed from the point of view of Russia.

“It’s not us who decides the red line,” says the ex-soldier. The red line may already be crossed. The Russians decide it. We don’t know what will happen. That is the big problem. We don’t know where it’s going.”

Watch Simon Leduc’s “Le Billon” in its entirety in the video above