July 3, 2022

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Former Russian Colonel clashes with the Kremlin on the state channel

Mikhail Khodarenok, a military analyst and retired colonel called to the Russian state channel Rossiya 1 on Monday evening, uttered words that tarnished the Kremlin’s campaign.

“Our situation is obviously getting worse […]. We are in complete geopolitical isolation and the whole world is against us […] Although we do not want to admit it, he warned, “Ukraine continues to be armed with military equipment sent by the West.”

The ‘extraordinary’ television exchange was translated and shared by the Russian editor of the BBC News Twitter.

“The Ukrainian army can arm a million people. […] We have to take this into account in our strategic calculations because it is clear that the situation is going to get worse for us, ”Godrenok said during the event. 60 minutesOne of the most watched in Russia.

Annoyed by the former colonel’s comments, presenter Olga Skabeva argued that they were “soldiers”. [ukrainiens] The mobilization should not be so good [au combat] “According to him, Russia, which employs contract soldiers, has more” professional “fighters.

However, the analyst replied that “the professional status of an army is not determined by the recruitment of soldiers under contract, but by the training level of the troops, their morale and their willingness to shed blood for the motherland.” “As they see in Ukraine, they have the will to defend their homeland and they are ready to fight …”

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How long? MMe Skabeva did not allow the speaker to finish his sentence. After several interruptions, he concluded the hammer show that Russia would win: “We were forced. [intervenir en Ukraine]. Our existence is in danger. Surrender is not possible. It is impossible to associate with those who want to see us disappear. We have to go all the way. We will go there and our big country will win. ⁇

However, the guest was able to comment Immediate link between Finland and Sweden in NATO. “The most important thing […] For heaven, it is not about launching missiles in the direction of Finland, “he said. Moscow on Saturday called the choice of the Nordic country “wrong.”.

History of Disagreement

This is not the first time that Michael Godrenok has stepped down from the Kremlin’s official ranks, calling its invasion a “special military operation” and enacting a series of laws criminalizing dissent.

More than two weeks before the war began, it was launched Vladimir Putin On February 24, Mr. Godrenok It has already underscored the power of the Ukrainian armed forces And Lightning warned of “successful eagles and emergency cuckoo clocks” foretelling Russian victory.

Many Actions of media resistance Occurred in Russia in recent weeks. In this context, taking into account his comments in recent weeks against the official positions of the Kremlin, Mr. He may have fallen through the cracks or the Rosia 1 channel tried to prepare its listeners for negative news. According to Q, there are Ukrainians. Regained control Part of the border in the Kharkiv region.

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