May 18, 2024

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Four babies found frozen in apartment: No criminal charges filed against mother

Four babies found frozen in apartment: No criminal charges filed against mother

The Massachusetts district attorney’s office has announced it will not file criminal charges against a 60-year-old woman whose frozen bodies were found in her home, leaving many questions unanswered.

“This is the most complex, unusual and disturbing investigation this office has ever encountered. While we have some answers, many elements of this case will never be answered,” attorney Kevin Hayden told Fox News in a statement Thursday.

The Suffolk District Attorney on Tuesday closed an investigation into the deaths of four babies, ages 37 to 40 weeks, who were found frozen in November 2022.

The prime suspect’s brother, mother-of-four Alexis Altamir, 69, made the gruesome discovery while cleaning her sister’s apartment in a South Boston neighborhood in a nursing home.

The problem is that no scientific method has allowed investigators to determine when the deaths of the four children, two boys and two girls, occurred, or even the cause of their deaths.

But Fox News said the questions were necessary to file charges. According to reports, the post-mortem revealed no injuries on the little bodies and there were no traces of food or milk in their stomachs.

Also, her sixty-year-old former colleagues who worked with her in a compliance company between 1980 and 2021 would never have known about the pregnancy of the “healthy” woman who was obsessed with dressing up. Loose,” they told investigators.

The woman also adopted a daughter born in 1982 from the same parents as four other children. The father of five died in 2011, so no charges have been filed against him.

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For his part, Alexis Altamir appeared unfit to stand trial when confronted by investigators, as he appeared “confused” and “demonstrated a lack of understanding of where he was and who he was talking to,” US media noted.

“A lawyer cannot ethically move forward with a case that, in good faith, cannot be brought before a court,” Kevin Hayden concluded, declaring the case closed.