June 16, 2024

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Fox News’ Brian Kilmaid calls Beyoncé “more vile than ever” because of the song’s lyrics

Fox News' Brian Kilmaid calls Beyoncé "more vile than ever" because of the song's lyrics

guest host Brian Kilmed And the Fox News Shareholder Raymond Arroyo exploded Beyonce on me Ingraham angleAnd the Monday, above the lyrics of her song “Heated” from her new album Renaissance. This came in response to the news that Beyoncé said she did it Removal The word “spaz” from the song after receiving a backlash. While many people think Spaz means crazy, it is actually a derogatory term for spastic hemiplegia, a form of cerebral palsy, which makes it difficult for people to control certain muscles. Kilmaid and Arroyo seemed to laugh at Beyoncé’s decision to remove that word before criticizing her for some other songs.

“Now, Brian,” Arroyo said after playing a clip of the song, “Beyoncé uses the N-word, dirty terms for male/female genitalia, breasts, and ass, but spaz is the offensive term in that song.”

Arroyo doesn’t think Beyoncé goes far enough just to review that one word.

“So Beyoncé is removing the word spazz,” Arroyo said. “Aside from continuing on that back side, that’s totally fine. I don’t think she went far enough in the cleanup and lyrics review process.”

Kilmaid went on to attack Beyoncé personally, and not just over her words.

“Do you like when you get a little older sometimes? I mean, she’s a father,” said Kilmead. “You know, you might think we haven’t really seen her in a while, we hardly get dressed, we dance, and now she’s back as meaner than ever, and puts words classified on It’s X.”

As Kilmed and Arroyo exploded drakewho co-wrote the song with Beyoncé.

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“It was written by Drake by the way. He wrote those beautiful words,” said Arroyo. “But why do you sing them like a famous woman young men look up to, I don’t quite get it.” It will go down in history.”

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