April 24, 2024

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France | A Chambermaid in the National Assembly

France |  A Chambermaid in the National Assembly

France’s legislative elections have caused some surprises, including this one.

Released at 6:00 p.m.

Jean-Christophe Lawrence

Jean-Christophe Lawrence

A surprise? Who is it?

Rachel KK. Pronounce as Kéké. He was elected last Sunday at 7 p.m.e Val-de-Marne constituency for the La France Inquisite (far left) party. Surprisingly, this 47-year-old Franco-Ivorian was the first chambermaid to enter the National Assembly.

Room maid? Good record!

Yes, especially since he defeated the former sports minister of the Macronist government, Roxana Maracini! By a very small margin, only 177 votes separate them (50.3% against 49.7%)!

But where does this Rachel KK come from?

The mother of five came to France in 2000 and became a natural in 2015. He became famous in 2019 during the Chambermaids’ strike at the Ibis Hotel in the Paris area, which lasted 22 months. This highly publicized labor dispute ended in favor of the strikers. Better pay, better working conditions and better uniforms (cotton instead of synthetic)! This marked the beginning of his political career.

How does he see his role as an MP?

As an extension of its union ambitions. She portrays herself as the “voice of the voiceless.” She wants to protect the rights of invisible workers. Chambermaids, but also educators, caregivers, beneficiaries assistants, guardians and the like. “France is not without essential workers,” she often repeats. Coming from the working class, he supports the recent policy and promises to “roar” if necessary.

Good post

Effect. ButMe Shortly afterwards KK became embroiled in controversy. Some of his old Facebook posts before 2018 reappeared on social media this week. He especially defended the regime of Bashar al-Assad and the National Rally of Marine Le Pen, the tallest immigrant on the left! She thinks, but says it was based on ideas: “I shared posts that completely did not reflect who I am and what I defend today in my political fight. ⁇

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Very fire baptism!

Yes, maybe it’s not over. Some political columnists have already denounced his illiteracy (he dropped out of school in sixth grade). “You can not be an accomplice and ignorant,” began the right-wing rhetorician Elizabeth Levy, who prayed that she would not wear her African pauper in the assembly. Others, on the other hand, see it as a living proof that everyone can be elected as an MP, regardless of appearance or career background.

She’s not alone in this matter, is she?

No, other different candidates will also enter the French parliament. A delivery driver who wants to fight poverty, an organic farm worker, an LGBTQ + pro teleo operator, a beneficiary assistant, a postwoman, a caretaker, a policeman who is a former professional boxer, a taxi driver who fights against “uprising” and – beware – Piano Tuner, France’s Associate Champion in Anatomy! We will not be bored!

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