July 25, 2024

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French sailor Laurent Camproby survived for 16 hours under a boat that capsized in the Atlantic Ocean

French sailor Laurent Camproby survived for 16 hours under a boat that capsized in the Atlantic Ocean


A French sailor trapped under an upturned sailboat in the Atlantic used an air bubble to survive until he was rescued 16 hours later, according to Spanish Coast Guard officials.

seas, Identified by Spanish media as Laurent Camproby, he sent out a distress signal on Monday when his schooner, Sailor Jean Solo, capsized around 14 miles from the coast From the Spanish Cesargas Islands.

sexy video The healing shows a Spanish search-and-rescue diver knocking on the bottom of the boat, listening for signs of life. After he was rescued on Tuesday, Kambrobi, 62, said he was able to survive thanks to the air bubble, according to the British newspaper The Guardian. Spanish Coast Guard and media reports.

The sailor said he was shocked when he realized the extent of the damage to his boat – a shattered mast, a destroyed thrust, a keel, and most of the equipment gone.

“I could not understand how I had managed to survive,” Camproby, of Marseille, For the Spanish newspaper La Voz de Galicia. “The conditions were very adverse.”

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Camproby set sail in his 40-foot-tall ship on Sunday from the Portuguese capital, Lisbon, According to Reuters. He was participating in a qualifying race for the upcoming Route du Rhum transatlantic solo sailing competition, which takes place every four years.

On Monday he had arrived at Fisterra in the west Spain, where he faced strong winds and waves three meters high, soon realized that his boat had lost its rafters, It’s a beam that extends to the middle of the boat, he said in an interview with La Voz de Galicia.

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“I was trying to pull the mainsail when the boat started to lean,” he told the newspaper. “So without thinking much, I got in, and within 15 seconds, the boat had capsized.”

on a rescue mission that has been described as “On the Brink of the ImpossibleRescue crews battled rough seas. Vicente Copello, member of the Coast Guard Special Operations Team, For laSexta TV channel That when the lifeguard hit the boat on Monday night to see if there were any survivors, he received a response.

“We knew then that someone was under it,” he said.

But the water was too rough to attempt rescue. So the team had to wait until the next morning to try again.

While Camprubi was waiting for help, he said he used an air bubble to breathe and tried not to panic. Tell Do not win de Galicia it It was the idea of ​​never seeing his wife and children again that helped him survive the ordeal.

He added that the air bubble was about 27 inches long on Monday but it shrank dramatically overnight. By Tuesday, the water was full, and he knew time was running out. But he said he kept his cool.

“I never panicked,” he told La Voz de Galicia. I tried to see reality and find solutions. I was afraid of never seeing my children again.”

Coast Guard officials said divers swam under the boat on Tuesday to free the sailor, who was wearing a life-suit and submerged to his knees.

Copello, a member of the Coast Guard, told reporters when the divers approached the boat, the sailors jumped into the freezing water and swam under the boat to reach the surface.

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“On his own initiative, he got into the water and got out freely, with the help of divers who had to drag him because it was difficult for him to come out with a life suit,” Copello told La Seixta TV.

Shortly on Tuesday afternoon, rescue crews were seen on videotape pulling him to safety.

Camproby, an experienced sailor who has participated in many domestic and international competitions, told La Voz de Galicia that the experience made him decide that he would no longer compete professionally.

“I don’t want to risk my life anymore,” he said. “I just want to take care of my family.”