May 25, 2024

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Fronde against Boris Johnson | “In the name of God, go! ⁇

One companion leaving him, another denying him: Wednesday was the worst time for Boris Johnson in London.

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Jean-Christophe Lawrence

Jean-Christophe Lawrence

This is no better for Boris Johnson.

In the wake of the scandal over banquets at his Downing Street home during his imprisonment, the British Conservative prime minister received two new snaps on Wednesday in defiance of announcements to lift health restrictions.

Photo by Jessica Taylor, Agencies France-Press

MP Christian Wakford (center) moves from Conservative camp to Labor camp on Wednesday

One of its MPs, Christian Wakford, crossed the room in the middle of question time to join the ranks of the Labor opposition in protest of its leader’s irresponsibility. The statements of former Minister David Davis, a staunch supporter of Brexit, who publicly rejected Johnson, are added to this remarkable omission. “You have been here for a long time for the good you have done. In the name of God, go,” Davis did not hide his annoyance.

These negative signals speak to the misery that is currently ruling among the British Conservatives, who are the worst in the referendum. While the Labor opposition leader is calling for his resignation, some media outlets say the possibility of a no-confidence vote is becoming clearer every day and can be expected in the coming days. To do this, 15% of Conservative MPs (54 out of 359 elected) must send a request to the party’s parliamentary committee (1922 Committee) to hold a local vote.

Photo by Jessica Taylor, Agencies France-Press

Conservative MP David Davis

Is it a coincidence? Johnson announced on Wednesday that he was last removing anti-Govt restrictions in the UK, a week earlier than expected.

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From Thursday, January 27, wearing masks in closed and congested areas will no longer be mandatory and will be abandoned in schools from Thursday. There will no longer be a health passport to access nightclubs and some large gatherings, while the number of positive cases in the country has begun to decline and hospital admissions have been confirmed.

Photo by Jessica Taylor, Associated Press

Prime Minister Boris Johnson at question time on Wednesday

However nothing is said that these relaxations will allow Johnson to face the insurrection and the wrath of the British people, who have not yet digested its prime minister’s sentence and lies in the “partygate” business. According to Christopher Stafford, a professor of politics at the University of Nottingham, Bojo’s departure is still a long way off.

Press : How should we explain Christian Wakford’s deviation? What are the vulnerabilities?

Christopher Stafford: This is interesting, but I do not know if it will be decisive. He is a young and inexperienced spouse, with little fame or great political weight. However, the sinking of the boat may be a sign that the situation is deteriorating. On the contrary, it may offend conservative MPs and strengthen their allegiance to the party. I do not know which direction it will go!

K. Wakeford is the second Tory to step down after John Pergo, the former Speaker of the House of Commons. Are these clever gestures common in British politics?

R. This happens sometimes. There were some events during the Brexit debates in 2019, but most of those who walked out went free without joining an established party like Labor. This is still seen as a big gesture and a significant betrayal.

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K. What about the words of David Davis? “In the name of God, get out …” Is this slap Conservative MPs announcing a no-confidence vote against their leader?

R. Possibility. Davis is not really a representative of conservative parliamentarians in general. Probably from a small section, but not from the majority. He usually speaks for himself, not so broad support in the party. What he said may seem like a big deal, and I agree with it: Former Brexit ally Johnson is backing down! But I’m not sure if this will affect members who do not already have their say.

K. Boris Johnson actually dismissed the anti-Govt action on Wednesday. Should we look for a cynical way to divert attention from its problems and quell public anger?

R. It certainly looks like that. People are tired of the restrictions. But, most importantly, many Johnson MPs strongly oppose it. So I would say that this decision will help to satisfy the voters as well as its own MPs. Johnson needs all the support and political gain!

K. Many continue to call for his resignation. Is it still possible?

R. It is possible, perhaps he will be forced to do it. But he knows Johnson and will try to avoid her as much as possible!