May 18, 2024

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GameStop is holding its first in-store PS5 sale event in over a month on Saturday

GameStop is holding its first in-store PS5 sale event in over a month on Saturday

GameStop confirmed that it will sell PlayStation 5 Consoles are in stores on Saturday, May 28.

It’s the first in-store PS5 event for the retailer in more than a month, after a dry month for Sony’s console restocking in the US.

Packages will be available in all GameStop stores except for those in Guam, Hawaii, and Alaska.

PlayStation Plus Monthly Games – PS5 & PS4 – May 2022

“Visit your local GameStop for a chance to get one in person,” the retailer She said. “You must be a PowerUp Rewards Pro member, quantities will be limited.”

Starts from US $14.99 Each year, PowerUp Rewards Pro membership includes loyalty rewards, additional credit trading, a Game Informer subscription, as well as access to exclusive offers and events.

During a business briefing on PlayStation on Thursday, Sony Interactive Entertainment Executive Director Jim Ryan He claimed the company was seeing “unprecedented demand” for the PS5.

According to Sony, three US retailer events have seen PS5s sell at a rate of nearly 1,000 units per minute.

GameStop is holding its first in-store PS5 sale event in over a month on Saturday
A slide show shared by Sony on Thursday

“The one area where we failed to deliver on expectations was our ability to supply the market with consoles,” Ryan said. “Covid-19 took its toll on our supply chain in 2021. The situation is starting to improve, although doubts remain regarding Covid, specifically on the impact that the ongoing shutdowns in Shanghai and Beijing may have, but things are definitely improving.

“Currently, we plan to significantly increase PS5 production this year, which will allow us to close the gap against the PS4 in its third year, and then surpass the PS4 installed base in year four during fiscal year 2023. [the fiscal year ending on March 31, 2024].

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“Furthermore, we are planning to significantly increase console production, which will take us to production levels we have not achieved before.”

Ryan said during the same show Recent PlayStation Acquisition Spree ‘Never Ended’ And that Sony plans to own it Over 20 games ready for PlayStation VR 2 launch.

He also said that PlayStation will be releasing Two live service games not announced before April 2023And that company It expects half of its annual releases to be on PC and mobile by 2025at that time it will be Divide its investment in existing franchises and new intellectual property equally.

Despite some launch issues, Ryan also claimed the primary market Feedback on the new PlayStation Plus service has been ‘extremely positive’..

Sony Pictures Entertainment also announced Thursday that the company is working on Excerpts from God of War, Horizon, and Gran Turismo.