May 23, 2024

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It is said that Samsung will cut production of its phones for 2022

It is said that Samsung will cut production of its phones for 2022

Samsung is said to be working on reducing the number of phones it plans to produce in 2022, from 310 million to 280 million, according to SamMobilewho cites him a report from korean port Mail Business News. In absolute terms, that’s still a very large number of phones, but it’s a relatively sharp drop from the company’s original goal (and it’s Number of phones reported She and her partners produced last year). It looks like there may be a tendency for manufacturers to prepare for the economy to worsen before it gets better.

The lower production targets will reportedly affect phones across its lineup, from low-end models to flagship phones. In a way, cutting lower-cost phones seems counter-intuitive — wouldn’t more people turn to these during an economic downturn? But it does track when you consider the alternative is not to buy a phone at all; People who are in the market for low-cost phones may not want to buy a new phone unless they absolutely have to, and those with high-end phones will probably be better off keeping them for an additional year or two.

Samsung is not alone in feeling the effects of the ongoing pandemic, the Russian/Ukrainian war (which resulted in the company, along with many others, Cessation of shipments to Russia), and the ever-increasing inflation. Apple too Relatively stagnant sales report expected this yearIt plans to produce roughly the same number of phones as it did in 2021, despite the fact that it’s likely working on some pretty big upgrades.

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