December 11, 2023

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Giorgia Meloni anchors Italy in the European Union and NATO, away from fascism

(Rome) New Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni on Tuesday anchored Italy firmly at the heart of the European Union and NATO, while again distancing herself from fascism. The anxiety it caused.

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Gildas LE ROUX and Ljuban MILASIN
French media agency

He forcefully affirmed during his public policy speech on Tuesday that Italy is “a part of Europe and the whole of the Western world”.

“I have never had any sympathy or affinity for anti-democratic regimes. “No to any regime, including fascism”, he insisted, underscoring an admirer of Mussolini in his youth, even as he promised in August that the right had “relegated fascism to history”.

The first female head of government in Italy’s history also pledged that Italy would remain a “reliable NATO partner in support of Ukraine resisting Russian aggression.”

These statements are clearly intended to reassure Brussels and Rome’s allies, while Meloni has pro-Russian partners in his coalition, including league president Matteo Salvini and Forza Italia president Silvio Berlusconi, a personal friend of Vladimir Putin.

“Those who think we can exchange our peace for Ukraine’s independence are mistaken,” he assured.

“Putin’s threat to energy will not solve the problem, it will only get worse, it will lead to more claims and threats and future energy (price) increases bigger than what we have seen in the last few months,” he said.

As far as the EU is concerned, he explained, the Italian approach is not to “slow down and sabotage European integration” but to make the social machine work better.

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The European also promised that “Italy will respect the rules”.me Meloni, though Rome also wants to “help change what’s not working.” He added that the EU is “a common house that faces challenges that member states cannot face alone”, adding that the EU has not done enough in this area in the past.

“He who questions the shortcomings of the European Union” is not an enemy or a fanatic, but rather someone who wants to contribute to a more effective European integration to face the great challenges that await,” said Melony.

Speech of Maloney, who was sworn in on Sunday, will face a confidence vote in the House of Representatives on Tuesday evening and the Senate on Wednesday.

He is sure to gain confidence as his coalition enjoys an absolute majority in both houses.

“Home Support”

With inflation raging, he made it a “priority” to “strengthen support measures for households and businesses, energy tariffs and fuel”. “It’s a financial commitment that drains most of the available resources,” he acknowledged.

Inflation rose 8.9% year-on-year in September and Italy was hit particularly hard by the energy crisis due to its dependence on Russian gas imports.

Project Mme Meloni is a continuation of the former head of the European Central Bank (ECB), at least in the economic sphere.

It actually left the important portfolio of the economy to the moderate wing of the League, Mr. It has handed over to Draghi’s former minister, Giancarlo Giorgetti.

The strategy is to guarantee the supply of manna with nearly 200 billion euros in grants and loans provided by the European Union as part of its post-pandemic recovery fund.

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Debt is expected to enter recession in 2023, with debt at 150% of GDP, the highest ratio in the euro zone after Greece and Italy.

The funding depends on a series of reforms, from justice to digitization of public administration, to be implemented by 2026.

“We will spend (these funds) better by making the necessary changes with the European Commission […] “These topics are being tackled with a practical approach, not an ideological one,” he said, especially in light of rising commodity prices and the energy crisis.

On illegal immigration, a far-right warhorse, he affirmed his government’s desire to “stop illegal departures (from Africa, editor’s note) and put an end to human trafficking” through the Mediterranean.