June 17, 2024

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Going further in Missouri, The Godfather of Anti-Abortion Act promises

Going further in Missouri, The Godfather of Anti-Abortion Act promises

The rural county of St. Charles is a deep republic breeding ground.

Photo: Radio-Canada

O’Fallon, Missouri is located 45 minutes from St. Louis. It is located in the rural county of St. Charles, where it is a deep republic breeding ground. In 2016, Nick Schroeder was elected to represent the district in the Missouri House. Today, he is campaigning for the Senate.

Representative Nick Schroeder is campaigning for the Senate.

Photo: Radio-Canada

These days, it is intensifying rallies to meet its activists. The Republicans I speak to are thrilled to learn that I am a sponsor of the Anti-Abortion Act. They ask me for an autograph and ask what can help meSaid the young lawyer proudly.

There are those who admire him and those who hate him. Outside the building where the Republican rally was taking place, about 100 pro-government activists from St. Louis marched to disrupt the crowd. Their strategy seems to have worked: Nick Schroyer admits that many of his supporters have decided to go back.

Now that Missouri has criminalized abortion, elected Republicans want to go further. The fears of many pro-choice activists seem to be coming true. To the extent that some citizens think of leaving this state. Report by Valerie Kamachi.

But his struggles against the law will not stop him. I know there will be demonstrations tonight. I welcome them and I am ready for discussion until it is quietHe explains.

But the debate over abortion already seems closed and without appeal. Nick Schroeder speaks instead of educating his opponents because he believes this law is the will of the voters of Missouri and God. I think that’s what the people here want. Then, without God’s intervention, I do not know how this law can be fulfilledThe deep-seated elected official continues.

Roe v. Wade is driven by the abandonment of judgment and is fulfilled by his beliefs that he wants to go further. After a surgical abortion, she wants to deal with an abortion pill in the fall. His goal is to ban these pills in Missouri and prevent them from being mailed. Since it is so new, we need to restrict access to it, yet there is no law regulating itThe politician explains.

I can guarantee that we will consider the abortion pill issue in the next session of the legislature.

A quote Nick Schroeder, Republican nominee and Missouri Senate candidate

These new promises did not surprise Yara Holt of France. This St. Louis resident moved to Missouri after completing his business studies. This is the first domino and we all expect a lot of things to happen, it will continue in the same direction left and rightShe says.

There are things we feel safe with, and we no longer feel safe.

A quote Yara Holt, a resident of St. Louis, Missouri

As a woman, she says she no longer recognizes the Missouri she decided to live in 15 years ago. This is not just abortion. […] It’s fear, today we say to ourselves: tomorrow, what will it be like? She is surprised.

Yara Holt believes the anti-abortion law is a start, and is considering leaving Missouri.

Photo: Radio-Canada

She and her partner are now seriously considering leaving Missouri. I can not be here where I am considered less than others. We’m lucky to be able to do thatSomeone explains Holt. France welcomes us with open arms.

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Nick Schroeder, more than ever, sees his future in this state more and more in his image, and he is not going to stop his crusade. He prays that his law be accepted by all American states. All states must recognize the sanctity of life and prohibit abortionhe said.

He says he is ready for new wars despite any divisions. And, frankly, even if they make life less and quieter in Missouri.