July 23, 2024

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Google’s latest Pixel drop adds macro video, cinematic backgrounds, and more

Google’s latest Pixel drop adds macro video, cinematic backgrounds, and more

Google is just two weeks away from launching its first foldable Pixel phone, and the company is also getting closer to releasing Android 14. But despite that busy calendar, today, the company is announcing one of the most important ‘feature drops’ software updates it has ever rolled out to phones. Pixel smarts in some time Additions range from camera improvements to new personal safety features Google doesn’t stop at phones This feature drop also brings new capabilities to the Pixel Watch and Fitbit devices

For starters, the Pixel 7 Pro’s macro mode can now be used when recording video. This phone hit the market in October, and we’re firmly on it June, so I’m more curious about what took so long to create a macro video. But at least here. “Create larger-than-life videos of the smallest detail, like butterflies fluttering or flowers waving in the wind,” Google wrote in its blog post. The fine print says that macro video is “not available for all camera apps or modes.” Macro video is exclusive to the Pixel 7 Pro, but all phones from Pixel 6 onwards will get a new hands-free gesture to activate the timed shutter: just hold your palm up inside the viewfinder frame, and the camera will count down from either three or 10 seconds before snapping a snap. Shot.

Cinematic backgrounds will have a parallax effect separating the subject from the background.
Image: Google

If you have a Pixel 6 or later, you can now create cinematic wallpapers to give your lock screen more depth and a cool parallax effect. Google says it uses artificial intelligence to “turn 2D background images into dynamic 3D scenes for a truly magical look.” Cinematic photos have been one of those Google Photos niche tricks for a few years, but the app would randomly pick photos in your library that were well-suited for the effect. now, You can make it on request. And just like Apple already did with iOS, Google also allows you to create custom wallpapers loaded with emojis.

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Google also continues to build its own personal security features by dropping this feature. After the update, you’ll be able to “use your voice to ask the Google Assistant on your Pixel phone to start sharing in an emergency or schedule a security check-up for added peace of mind.”

If you’re out running at night, just say, “Hey Google, start your 30-minute safety check.” If you do not respond to your security check within the specified duration, your emergency contacts will be notified and your location will be shared in real time.

In countries where your Pixel phone supports Road Traffic Detection, you can configure your phone to notify you of an emergency Contacts – Plus emergency services – share your real-time location with them within seconds of an incident being detected.

There are also more subtle tactile adjustments and adaptive charging. Google says the Pixel 6A and 7A will automatically reduce the intensity of their vibrations when you’re on a hard, flat surface (like a table). These devices can sometimes display some unpleasant vibrations at full power, so it’s nice to see Google act on customer feedback.

You can now export video clips to transcripts of voice memos for the recorder.
Image: Google

And adaptive charging “now uses Google AI to help extend Pixel battery life. When your phone is plugged in, it can predict a long charging session based on your previous charging habits, and slowly charge it to 100 percent one hour before you expect to unplug it.”

Finally, there are some upgrades to the excellent Recorder app. With this feature, you’ll be able to export videos from your podcasts (complete with speaker captions), which could be useful for social media purposes or sharing with colleagues. Google says this feature drop will reach some customers as early as today and will continue to roll out over the next few weeks.

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