May 22, 2024

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Grandparents scam leads to Uber delivery woman's murder

Grandparents scam leads to Uber delivery woman's murder

Two bad phone calls in Ohio last month led to two strangers meeting in a dangerous situation.

The story, as unbelievable as it is, made its way back to court this week after Loletha Hall, a delivery person for Uber, was called on March 25 to pick up a package at a home in South Charleston.

However, upon his arrival, an 81-year-old resident, William Brock, encountered a woman in labor. Video from a surveillance camera placed in his vehicle shows him pointing a handgun at Ms. Hall.

What the victim did not know when he went to this address was that within minutes of arriving there, Mr. Brock had himself been called by a scammer more than once. The latter used the grandparent fraud scheme, which posed as a person in a position of authority and tried to extort money from one of his relatives by claiming he was in trouble.

Mr. For Brooke, Mrs. Hall was confused by the fraudulent calls coming into her driveway, so she reacted by confronting the woman with a gun, prosecutors explained, according to a CNN report.

The confrontation escalated to the point where the eight-year-old professor used his gun and fired several shots at Ms Hall.

The man was eventually charged with murder.

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