May 22, 2024

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North Korea's largest warship test!

North Korea's largest warship test!

North Korea has tested a “very large” warship designed for a strategic cruise missile and launched a new type of anti-aircraft missile, state media reported on Saturday.

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“(North Korea's) Missile Directorate conducted a power test of the largest warship designed for the 'Hwasal-1 Ra-3' strategic cruise missile,” the North Korean agency said.

Pyongyang on Friday afternoon “conducted a test launch of a new type of anti-aircraft missile, the “Biolji-1-2″ in the West Sea, also known as the Yellow Sea,” KCNA added.

Thanks to the “a specific purpose achieved” test, the company continued without providing additional information.

The two tests were part of the “routine operations of the administration and allied defense science institutions”.

In early April, Pyongyang said it had test-fired a new medium-to-long-range hypersonic solid-fuel missile. State media broadcast a video of its launch from the perspective of North Korean number one Kim Jong Un.

North Korea continues to develop its weapons programs, especially nuclear programs.

Since the beginning of the year, the nuclear-armed nation has called South Korea its “main enemy,” shuttered agencies dedicated to reunification and inter-Korean dialogue, and threatened to go to war if it overstepped its bounds. 0.001 millimeter”.

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