July 17, 2024

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Gunman kills 7 at Mexico water park

Gunman kills 7 at Mexico water park

Seven people, including a child, were killed on Saturday by an armed group that entered a water park in La Palma, in the state of Guanajuato (central Mexico), according to local authorities.

Police arrived at the scene where they found shrouds and the bodies of three women, three men and a seven-year-old child. One person was seriously injured,” the Cort├ízar City Hall, where the attack took place, said in a statement.

According to the owner of the aquatic center quoted in the press release, “armed men” arrived around 4:30 pm to “carry out an attack”.

The attackers walked directly into a group, ransacked a business there and took security cameras, officials said.

A video released by the Debate Noticias news site shows victims on the ground amid clouds of smoke appearing to be involved in gunfire, with many running to hide from the gunfire or to join their families.

The water park, located near the college campus, was cordoned off by the army and state police.

The once prosperous industrial state of Guanajuato has become one of the most violent in Mexico, fuel theft fueled by the war between the Jalisco Nueva Generacion (Mexico’s most powerful) and Santa Rosa de Lima cartels.

Since December 2006 and the start of a government campaign against drug trafficking, more than 350,000 murders have been recorded, most of them attributed to organized crime, according to official data.

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