May 22, 2024

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Has more than a million Govt vaccines been destroyed?

Has more than a million Govt vaccines been destroyed?

According to information obtained by TVA, the one million doses of Govit vaccine will expire next month.

Therefore, these scales, if not used in a timely manner, are more likely to be destroyed.

Since the onset of the epidemic, 107,000 doses have been eliminated due to their expiration date.

In Quebec, there are currently about 3 million doses of Govt vaccines.

In particular, 160,000 doses of the modern vaccine expire in June and 860,000 in July.

On the Pfizer page, 400,000 doses expire in October and 1.1 million in November this year.

The Minister of Health, Christian Dube, is pushing for the possibility of returning specific doses to the federal government so that they can be used.

“The key policy is a precautionary policy. What the health commissioners have asked us to do is to have the necessary supplies to ensure that we do not leave.

He also confirms that there are enough quantities in Quebec for the vaccination campaign he wants to carry out in the fall.

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