May 22, 2024

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Helldivers 2 Patch 1,000.301 improves performance after this week's big balance update

Helldivers 2 Patch 1,000.301 improves performance after this week's big balance update

Helldivers 2 patches are coming thick and fast, this time with a fix for performance issues caused by the previous patch.

After this week's release Patch 01.000.300, which has modified a long list of weapons, gimmicks, and enemies, some Helldivers 2 players have encountered performance issues. Arrowhead later confirmed that there was indeed an issue, and has now released a new patch to address it.

Patch 1,000.301, released today, May 2, is much smaller than the update released earlier this week, but more importantly it makes the promised performance improvements, as well as resolving a number of bugs.

Arrowhead has also updated its helpful “Known Issues” list to give players an idea of ​​what the studio is working to fix. One line of note: “Helldiver may not be able to stand crouching when surrounded by enemies.” And here I was thinking that this is a feature and not a bug!

Yesterday, IGN reported on Arrowhead's plan to tweak Eruptor after a community investigation uncovered a bounce and fragment issue caused by this week's patch. This fix does not appear to have been implemented yet.

If you're looking for more on Helldivers 2, check out IGN's feature on Let me solo her from Helldivers 2the player who answered over 100 SOS beacons as part of a mission to help others.

Patch notes for the full Helldivers 2 01.000.301 update:


For this patch, we've addressed some crashes as well as performance improvements after rolling back the last patch:

  • Performance improvements
  • Crash fixes


  • Fixed a crash that might occur during the post-mission end screen
  • Fixed crashes that may occur when destroying automated tanks.
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Known problems [Unchanged since patch 1.000.300]

These are issues that were introduced by this patch and are being worked on, or they are from a previous release and have not yet been fixed.

  • Damage over time effects may only be applied when dealt by the host. We expect this to be fixed in the next patch.
  • The boost may not be available for some players who join an in-progress game.
  • Helldiver may not be able to stand crouching when surrounded by enemies.
  • The game may crash if the host leaves while dead and returns to the same play session.
  • The game may crash if the player changes the text language during the mission.
  • Various issues with friend invitations and cross-play:
    • A friend request cannot be accepted when the requesting player changes his or her username before accepting the request.
    • Cross-platform friend invitations may not appear in the Friend Requests tab.
    • Players cannot unfriend players who have been authenticated via the friend code.
    • Players cannot unblock players who were not previously on their friends list.
  • Players may experience delays in Medal and Super Credits payouts.
  • Enemies who bleed do not advance personal commands and court missions.
  • The scopes of some weapons, such as the anti-materiel rifle, are slightly misaligned.
  • Bow weapons sometimes behave inconsistently and sometimes fail.
  • The Spear's targeting is inconsistent, making it difficult to target larger enemies.
  • The trick ray may stick to the enemy but will scatter back to its original location.
  • Explosions don't break your limbs (except when you hit a rock).
  • The area around the Automaton Detector Tower creates blue gimmicks such as Hellbomb that bounce and are repelled when attempted to be summoned near the tower.
  • Planet liberation reaches 100% at the end of each defense mission.
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