April 13, 2024

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How to Easily Maintain a Hoverboard Skimmer in 'Destiny 2'

How to Easily Maintain a Hoverboard Skimmer in 'Destiny 2'

The Guardian Games in Destiny 2 may be a mess, as they usually are, but there's a surprise new prize you can win from the event, a hoverboard called a Skimmer that's the first new type of vehicle in the game ever, and can drive right through it Multiple raid encounters and dungeons. Hey!

However, there is a catch. You can get Destiny 2's Skimmer practically for free when you log in to Guardian Games, but for… Memorizes When the event ends, you have a task. Pretty annoying task, if you ask me. Yes, you've been instructed on how to do this with goals, but I want to talk about it how To do this in the least frustrating way possible. All you have to do is do one of these steps, and there is some debate about the easiest way to do it. It kind of depends. Well let's go:

Medal points

You need 1200 points here, and if you're just running Guardian Games events or getting gold or even platinum medals, it'll take a myriad of activities. However, you can earn an easy Diamond Medal, which is 300 points in itself, by linking your Bungie and Twitch accounts (Which you can do here) and watch any Destiny stream for a total of two hours per week, even if it's only playing in the background. Three weeks, this means only 900 points out of 1200 points, and you only have to fill in the blanks for the rest of the points.

Get the top 10% score in Nightfall Challenges

This is a strange thing. It's either very easy or close to impossible, depending on a few things. The best thing you can do is turn on Nightfall Immediately After reset, because the score threshold will be the lowest to sneak into the top 10%. The longer you wait, the higher this threshold gets as more and more people turn it on and take points out of it. So, later in the week, it would be very annoying, as I discovered.

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The most common way to collect points is with the Guardian games point capture tool to express in front of the hero and then finish it off. The problem is that if you're competing with random people, they may not know or care about doing so, so you may want to find an online fireteam that specifically goes after the score. Another way to increase your score is to spam featured items more often, which is easy considering the amount of regeneration you get from Guardian Games boosts. Theoretically, you can get the Skimmer in a total of 10 to 20 minutes if you get 10% of the points right away.

Open your focus packs

This is the least explained. There's a node at the top of the tower map (I can't even see it at first on PC unless I scroll up) that shows you when a distinct activity is occurring. Then, once published, you can play it and if your class gets the most points during this period, a winner's pack will appear in your inventory, which contains a full box of medals.

However, as often happens, due to the number of players, hunters control almost all of these things, so the preferred method here is to log in as a hunter, play an activity, and inevitably collect your winning package in three different sessions. Easy too.

I don't find any of this particularly convincing, but we do what we have to to get hoverboards.

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