March 20, 2023

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Hunter Biden: The Movie | The Journal of Quebec

When a friend told me about the Biden Magan movie project, I first thought it was a hoax.

I should know that retrieving conspiracy theses is fascinating and has an overall public population of 45 proponents.e A president who is never satisfied. Why not extract a few more dollars from those who can balance all the actual tricks of their idol with just the name Hunter?

Hunter Biden, gold miner

Since last Wednesday, the public has been able to access this modest production, which has been somewhat successful on download sites. If you’re one of those people who believes that Hollywood is a haven for progressives, you’ll take some “comfort” in the fact that this is a Breitbart product.

A conservative establishment that does not shrink from racism, xenophobia, misogyny and the far right is trying to enter the world of cinema. Beyond the search for a new place to air their campaign, Breitbart’s executives are trying to make up for significant losses in readership and advertising revenue.

It must be said that the story of the son of Biden has turned out to be a real gold mine. If you look, you can easily find Hunter Biden’s t-shirts, mugs, toys and stickers, or photos taken from the infamous laptop he allegedly left at a repair shop.

Not only does the film stick to Breitbart’s canards, but the composition of the film crew and the choice of the main cast testify to the specific nature of this work. Almost all of the crafters are Trump supporters or, at the very least, conspiracy theorists.

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The purpose of the entire operation couldn’t be clearer: to associate Joe Biden with his son and undermine his presidency. Taking liberties with the facts does not prevent us from fulfilling the plan.

Breitbart caught at its own game?

You can find reviews of the film in numerous publications such as GuardianBut However, it was the POLITICO website that caught my attention..

In his report on the production for Breitbart, the journalist notes that three Hollywood producers approached the film set, including a lawyer close to Hunter Biden. My son is a hunter Posing as documentary filmmakers.

The guys rubbed shoulders with members of the production, including Hunter Biden’s interpreter, actor Lawrence Fox. Thus they returned from the shooting location of Serbia with images of production and hope.

So it looks like we’ll be getting a second movie, and Joe Biden can’t get that pebble out of his shoe. If there is no indication that he took advantage of his son’s dubious dealings, the latter sells, many of them taking advantage of the downturn.