June 15, 2024

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I’m testing the world’s best firm mattresses — 5 I’ll be buying in today’s Memorial Day sales

I’m testing the world’s best firm mattresses — 5 I’ll be buying in today’s Memorial Day sales

If you’re shopping the Memorial Day Sale for a good firm mattress at a much lower price than usual, I’ve rounded up my top five recommendations here. My top overall pick is the Firm Saatva Classic, a luxury innerwear hybrid with premium lumbar support, and you can this weekend Save $400 on a Saatva Classic at Saatva. The queen price has been reduced to $1,695 (was $2,095), the cheapest price since President’s Day.

As a long-time lower back pain sufferer, I’ve always enjoyed the enhanced lumbar support of firm mattresses – even though I have a lightweight build – and the Saatva does that well. The Saatva Classic is the best mattress of the year for all sleepers, but there are four other good firm mattress deals to look out for this weekend and I’ve got them covered below.

today Memorial Day Mattress Sales It’s your last chance to get a cheaper price on a new bed before prices go up over the summer months, and I don’t expect them to go down again until Labor Day in September. Here are the five firm mattress deals I recommend buying this weekend…

How firm is a firm mattress?

Firmness is subjective, but I generally suggest that a mattress rated between 8 and 9 out of 10 is firm, with a 9 to 10 being firmer. Unlike a medium-firm mattress, which will contour slightly around the body – especially in the lumbar area, a firm mattress is designed to keep you lying on top of the mattress without sinking into it. This does not mean that you will be lying on a plank. The best firm mattresses still have comfort layers on top and a little cushion that allows sleepers to feel comfortable and supported.

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Who should buy a firm mattress?

The best firm mattresses aren’t just for back pain sufferers – heavier sleepers will also get better support from them, while back and stomach sleepers will find that their spine is perfectly maintained throughout the night.

These are the people I would recommend a firm mattress to…

  • Back and stomach sleep: A firmer mattress helps keep your spine aligned and hips in the correct position to prevent aches and pains from accumulating throughout the night. Additionally, a firmer mattress will help support the natural forward curve of your lower back.
  • Who suffers from lower back pain: Firm mattresses provide the support needed to keep your spine aligned, as I mentioned above. This in turn helps reduce pressure points in the lower back, which helps relieve pain.
  • Heavier objects: For those weighing over 250 pounds, a firmer mattress will provide enough support to distribute the weight evenly across the mattress, reducing stress on the joints and helping prevent sagging.

Who shouldn’t buy a firm mattress?

A firm mattress will not suit all sleepers. Here’s who should avoid it:

  • Side sleepers: Side sleepers need more pillows and a mattress that fits around their hips and shoulders to prevent pressure buildup. If you are a side sleeper, take a look at our products Best mattresses for side sleepers Recommendations for finding a suitable mattress.
  • Light sleepers: Unless you suffer from lower back pain like me, you’ll likely find a firm mattress to be too firm. Light sleepers will get no shape at all from a firm mattress, which can lead to pressure buildup and joint pain.
  • Memory Foam Lovers “Hug”: Firm mattresses don’t give you the cool, “hug” feeling you’ll get from an all-foam mattress. If you love that extra luxurious feel of a mattress, take a look at our products Best memory foam mattresses For inspiration.
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