July 16, 2024

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Impeachment against Justices Thomas and Alito

Impeachment against Justices Thomas and Alito

New York Democrat Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Wednesday filed charges against Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito, calling for criminal proceedings against the two judges for refusing to recuse themselves from certain cases and failing to disclose gifts they received while serving at the top. Court. Given the current makeup of the House, the charges are unlikely to pass. But they explain Democrats’ anger at these justices through questionable, if not nonexistent, ethics.

“Justices Thomas and Alito’s failure to disclose that they have received millions of dollars in gifts from individuals with court cases over the decades is patently unconstitutional.” said Ocasio-Cortez in a statement. “The refusal to recuse themselves from specific issues and cases before the court involving their beneficiaries and spouses is nothing short of a constitutional crisis. Congress has a legal, moral and democratic obligation to impeach them. »

Barring a major surprise, House Speaker Michael Johnson will refuse to put the impeachment to a vote. It should be said that he also declined calls from active members of his team to support Joe Biden’s impeachment over his son Hunter’s affairs.

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