July 20, 2024

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In pictures | Extraordinary snowfall in Tokyo

In pictures |  Extraordinary snowfall in Tokyo

Tokyo’s streets and temples were covered in snow on Thursday, a very rare event in recent years, with more than 100 domestic flights canceled.

The Japan Meteorological Agency has warned of up to 10 centimeters of snowfall in 12 hours when the Tokyo region is forecast to receive heavy snowfall from 2018 onwards.

An official at Haneda Airport, one of the two airports in the Japanese capital, told AFP that 118 domestic flights – 66 departures and 53 arrivals – had been canceled, without specifying the total number of passengers affected.

Another official said no international flights had been canceled so far.

JR East Railway has announced on its website that some passenger trains in Tokyo will also be delayed.

In Jinza’s business and luxury shopping district, most passers-by did not stay outside, protected themselves with their umbrellas and were especially careful not to slip.

But some took the time to appreciate this extraordinary scene, as 73-year-old Chicago Nakama was photographed on the facade of the kapukiza theater passed by an AFP journalist, the snow-covered arches with the roof of the traditional Japanese kapuki theater. .

“It’s a beautiful show. The snow gives a beautiful side, I think,” he commented.

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