May 19, 2024

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In the video | A black bear appears on a Florida beach

In the video |  A black bear appears on a Florida beach

Beachgoers in Destin, Florida were surprised to see a black bear swimming in the ocean on Sunday.

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The bear, which appeared to be a cub, spent a few minutes frolicking in the water before fleeing to the beach as the temperature approached 26 degrees Celsius.

“I imagine he’s on holiday too”, drops the witness of the scene. “It’s a bear!” Add other people.

A woman named Jennifer Majors Smith shared several videos on her Facebook page.

“I’ve never seen a black bear swim off the coast of the Gulf (I’m from Pensacola).”

“When he came out of the bay, he looked tired but relaxed,” she told American Online.

The young bear made its way to nearby sand dunes, where it escaped.

According to a regular boater there, it is common to see bears swimming in the bay.

“There are a lot of bears at Eglin Air Force Base. They swim across the bay. Sometimes they swim for fun,” he said.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission estimates there are 4,000 black bears in Florida.

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