May 19, 2024

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In the video | A student brought home an unconscious woman to rape her

In the video |  A student brought home an unconscious woman to rape her

The horrifying moment a student carried an unconscious young woman in his arms and carried her home to rape her was captured on a surveillance camera.

Preet Vigal, 20, first took a ‘trophy photo’ of the victim lying in bed before attacking him, the Daily Mail reported.

After meeting her ‘highly drunk’ outside a concert hall in Cardiff, United Kingdom, the engineering student carried the young woman, sometimes in her arms, sometimes on her shoulders, to her room.

Prosecutor Matthew Cope said Mr Wigal and the victim, who did not know each other, had gone out with different groups of friends on the night of June 3 last year.

“The victim had consumed too much alcohol and was intoxicated by the end of the night,” he said.

The victim’s memories are vague, but she knows she and her friends started drinking at home before going to a bar.

She could not sit up straight and had difficulty speaking. At one point, he fell into the women’s restroom.

A person who first helped her took the young woman’s phone and alerted her friends that she should not be alone in her situation.

The victim then left the bar with her friends.

However, outside, he confronted Preet Vikal, an engineering student who was drinking at the place.

Wigal joined the victim’s group as they walked down a street. He and the victim were ahead of the rest of the group.

South Wales Police shared the gruesome video of Breath carrying the victim in his arms and then on his shoulders.

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Wigal took the victim to her bedroom and took what the prosecutor described as a “cop photo” of her bed.

Although the victim was not naked, the photo was revealing. The victim does not remember the rape, but remembers waking up naked next to the young man in her bed.

“She was bleeding… I found her folding her clothes, getting out of bed and getting dressed,” Mr Cobb said.

In the morning, the victim asked for the accused’s Instagram address and after leaving, sent him a message asking if they had sex and if so, if they had sex, they would be protected.

Mr. Vigal replied that they had indeed had sex, but that they had not used any protection.

On the same day, the victim reported her assailant to the police, who arrested her.

The next day he gave a statement that the victim “consented”.

However, Mr Cobb said it was clear the victim was too drunk to consent to sex.

The accused initially pleaded not guilty and eventually confessed to the rape on the day of trial.

For five months, the victim did not want to go out at night and said she still felt guilty about the incident.

“I have a boyfriend now and had to discuss every little thing… even the little things like him putting his hand on my leg,” she explained.

Mr. Vigal was sent to a juvenile institution for six years and nine months. He will serve two-thirds of his sentence in custody and the remainder on parole.