June 19, 2024

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In Washington, anti-abortion activists march with smiles on their faces

(Washington) The end of the game has not yet whistled, but Americans who oppose abortion are already enjoying their victory on the streets of Washington on Friday, hoping the Supreme Court will soon go back 50 years.

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On January 22, 1973, the Supreme Court ruled in its landmark judgment, “Ro v. Wade,” the right of American women to have abortions.

This year, they number several thousand more, from across the country. In their line, as always, are many young people who have come to their church or their school, but men in the Cossacks and families are branded as “we choose life” or “the future is against abortion”.

A few white supremacists, members of the small group of “patriotic front”, called themselves, but were behind the police siege.

The general opinion is that the atmosphere is “happier”, “more optimistic” than previous versions.

“In other years, we were ready to go to war,” says Joseph Scordado, a young man wearing a knight’s uniform, as a symbol of his struggle for “the lives of the innocent.” “This year, it’s very festive, because we know it’s the beginning of abortion in the United States!”

Like him, the protesters wore wide smiles despite the freezing temperatures. “There is light at the end of the tunnel,” slipped Marsha Chamberlain, 72, who has missed only four “marches for life” in the last 37 years.

“This may be the last …”, she believed.

“Historical change”

The Supreme Court, deeply reshuffled by former President Donald Trump, who appointed three of its nine judges, recently sent them several signals that they see them as “positive.”

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First, she has repeatedly refused to block Texas law, which, however, clearly violates her case law by prohibiting abortion from six weeks of pregnancy, while she sets the ban at 24 weeks.

Importantly, many of its conservative judges have indicated that they are prepared to reduce or completely reverse Row vs. when considering restricted Mississippi law. Wade.

Carly Lodzick, a 24-year-old activist from the state of Washington on the other side of the United States, said: “Their comments show that they value human life.

Jean Mancini, leader of the “March for Life”, paid tribute to activists like this young woman on the podium where twenty elected Republicans marched.

“We hope that 2022 will bring a historic change in life, we pray,” he began by welcoming the decision of “many years of hard work and your presence”.

“Still working”

“Make no mistake about it”, however, said the organizer of this summit: “If Row falls, the battle lines will move” but “fighting will continue in the states”.

The court is expected to deliver its verdict by the end of June. If she goes back, it means that every state will be free to prohibit or prohibit abortion. Half of them, especially in South and Central America, are more or less willing to do so for a long time.

Progressive states on the other hand, on the other hand, want to secure access to abortion on their soil. Missy Martinez-Stone, 32, who took part in the march on Friday, said: “We still need to work to change cultures and support families, mothers, and those in difficult situations.

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Having been involved in the fight against abortion for 17 years and living in Louisville, Kentucky, I never thought I would see Row v’s end. Wade. “It gives me hope, but I know it’s not the end.”