March 2, 2024

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Putin, we need to draw a line

The word epidemic has already hit us hard, especially this year when we do not want to see the word war interfere in the 2022 news. But Vladimir Putin will not let us choose if his forces enter Ukraine.

President Biden is not optimistic. He says he expects the Russian leader to take action. Already yesterday, the Americans transferred military equipment to Ukraine.

Justin Trudeau also admitted on Wednesday that he was preparing for an armed conflict. He emphasized that the letter was not a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into Russia, but rather a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into Russia. He is right. In that case, Canada would have to help its allies draw a line in the sand.

Our Prime Minister refuses to confirm that Canada can join the army in support of Ukraine. He avoids any gestures that could provoke the Russians. Go with diplomatic caution, but wisely Canada has no choice but to prepare for this situation.

Not twice

Let us remember that the world closed its eyes when the same Putin conquered Crimea. In addition to the referendum in which the Crimea expressed a desire to leave Ukraine, there were historical circumstances, it was said at the time. Another major victory for Putin, who was able to combine strategic territory.

Putin expresses understandable concerns about the NATO membership of the countries around him. The Americans have promised the opposite of Gorbachev in the past. Nevertheless, nothing can justify the Russian military invasion of Ukraine.

The United States, Canada and Europe must retaliate if Putin ever moves forward. Crossing over to this is tantamount to giving the Russian president a free pass for future escapes.

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Officially, Putin was elected. In fact, he is leading a dictatorial regime where the opposition is in danger of being poisoned or imprisoned. He is not much respected and he firmly believes that we will bow down to our convenience and indifference and go through everything to avoid trouble.

Avoid war

Of course, it is necessary to act through dialogue until the last minute to avoid an armed conflict. Negotiation is always the best solution and wars bring destruction and terror. We should try to avoid them. But a tyrant cannot tolerate allowing his neighbors to invade.

How to respond to Putin? Is it possible to counter a military invasion with economic and financial sanctions? With military support for Ukraine? The response must be proportional to the seriousness of Russia’s decision to send its troops to a sovereign nation.

President Biden spoke Wednesday about low sanctions if Russia makes a “small infiltration.” We want to define it …

If Putin provokes an armed conflict, we will not have the right to be spectators, we will prepare the mind.