January 31, 2023

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Massacre in Texas | The weapon came from a company known for its aggressive marketing

Following the use of one of its military-style rifles in Tuesday’s shooting at Texas Elementary School, arms manufacturer Daniel’s Defense released a statement on its homepage sending “thoughts and prayers” to the Wolde community in Texas and pledged to cooperate. Officers.

Released at 6:00 p.m.

David Yoff-Bellani and Jessica Silver-Greenberg
The New York Times

When the pop-up disappeared, another piece of news took center stage: an advertisement for the lottery to win $ 15,000 on guns or ammunition.

Texas shooting kills 19 schoolchildren and 2 female teachers .

Some of its ads refer to popular video games as well Call of duty And features Star Wars characters and Santa Claus.

The company initially adopted a direct-consumer business model aimed at making the purchase of military equipment as easy as ordering from Amazon, attracting customers with tariff plans that make expensive guns more affordable.

The company’s founder and CEO, Marty Daniel, is a provocateur who mocks gun control plans and uses advertising stunts to boost sales.

“Sikh” strategy

“Daniel Defense is basically the star child of this blatant and aggressive marketing,” said Ryan Pussy, a former Kimber arms executive. “As Donald Trump did in the political arena, Marty Daniel entered the scene more loudly and shyly than any other arms manufacturer.”

Photo from Daniel Defense’s Facebook page

Marty Daniel, Founder and CEO of Daniel Defense

Daniel Defense’s strategy seems to have been effective. Her sales soared as she was able to target young clients such as Texas sniper Salvador Ramos. Ramos, a video game activist who was killed by authorities on Tuesday Call of duty Within a week of turning 18, Daniel apparently purchased his assault rifle directly from Defense.

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For our emails and calls Mr. Daniel did not respond. Steve Reid, a spokesman for Daniel Defense, said in a statement that the company was “deeply saddened” by the Texas shooting.

Amid a national outcry after the shooting, Daniel Defense limited its usual anti-government online presence. The company has restricted access to its Twitter feed. He also canceled plans to hold a booth at the National Rifle Association conference in Houston this weekend.

On Thursday, the $ 15,000 lottery for firearms and ammunition was removed from its homepage.

This article was originally published New York Times.