May 22, 2024

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Pro-Palestinian camp: Many students immigrated to McGill

Pro-Palestinian camp: Many students immigrated to McGill

With more than thirty tents on Sunday, it appears that pro-Palestinian students are planning to set up shop on the McGill University campus.

Demonstrations have also been taking place at American universities for several days in support of the conflict between Palestine and Israel. The movement began at Columbia University in New York before spreading to other institutions.

On social networking site X (formerly Twitter), McGill's Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights (SPHR) organization announced the rally. He also pointed out in a series of messages that the students refused to remain passive in the current environment.

“A revolution is happening across North America! It is a revolution where youth and students are once again at the forefront,” SPHR wrote.

“Students have reclaimed their campus to be completely freed from occupation and genocide,” the organization added in another statement. The students refuse to be complicit, and they stay until their release!

SPHR invited other students to stand up for the Palestinians.

“Join us today [dimanche] And every day at the Gaza Solidarity camp, SPHR shared. Let's fill the campus.”

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