July 16, 2024

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Inside Out 2 is headed to $100 million after a $13 million preview on Thursday

Inside Out 2 is headed to 0 million after a  million preview on Thursday

We’ve had a huge hit as Disney/Pixar Inside out 2 registered 13 million dollars From Thursday Previews starting at 3pm, and it’s the best so far in 2024. Swiping Sand Dunes: Part Two12 million dollars. Current Rotten Tomatoes scores have a certified fresh rating of 93% from critics and 95% from moviegoers, setting the film up for potential success. $100 million+ Opening weekend. Operating abroad cume is $22.3 million.

research Inside out 2 to exceed global opening expectations of $135 million.

You can easily say that when it comes to Pixar brands, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Also, unlike 2022 Light yearThe sequel brought back most of the voice actors except for Bill Hader. outside the gate, Inside out 2 It is 4½ stars with preview audiences Thursday on Screen Engine/Comscore’s PostTrak, with a 57% general audience rating, 23% parents and 21% kids under 12. Parents gave it five stars and Kids 4½, the latter being heavy on girls at 52%, and Parents heavy on 73%. The general recommendation given is 72%. Do you see the exhausted people and media on Wall Street? Going to the movies is still a profitable hobby!

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comp to Inside out 2 It’s last year the little Mermaid ($10.3M preview, $96M 3-day cume) and Spider-Man: Through the Spider-Verse ($17.4 million previews, $120.7 million 3-day), 2022 Minions: Rise of Gru ($10.8 million, $107 million 3-day cume) and 2019 toy story 4 ($12 million preview, $120.9 million). Standard Pixar movie previews belong to Incredibles 2 Priced at $18.5 million, it led to a $182.7 million opening in 2018.

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Inside out 2Previews for the film bury that of the 2015 original, which grossed $3.7 million in previews that started at 7 p.m., which resulted in a $90.4 million opening.

Inside out 2 It was booked in 4,400 theaters with all the hormonal power of PLFs, Dbox, Dolby, Imax, etc.

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And in more good news for movie fans, Sony Bad boys Franchise is a crossover 1 billion dollars The global threshold today. Thursday in the United States of America Bad Boys: Ride or Die He was $4.48 millionbringing his run rate, and the first week, to $79.24 million In 3,885 theaters.

The revenues for the rest of the week and the box office on Thursday were as follows:

2. Garfield movie (Sony) 3,959 theaters, Thursday $890,000 (-24% from Wednesday), -24%, Week $14.9 million/Total $73.5 million/Week 3

3. if (Parity) 3,582 theaters Thursday $711K (-28%) Week $11.9M, total $97.4M/Week 4

4. Observers (Netherlands) 3,351 theaters, Thursday $610K (-8%), $10M/Week 1

5. Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes (20/Dec) 3,155 theaters, Thursday $615K (-2%), $8.2M Week $152.6M/Week 5