April 23, 2024

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Inside the JuJu Smith-Schuster Incentive Package

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It was sold as a one-year deal worth $10.75 million. As we have known about a week ago, it’s not.

reception heads jojo smith schuster He has a $3.25 million one-year contract with the Chiefs. The deal includes an incentive package that could result in another $7.5 million.

With Trek Hill Circulated, these incentives become much more important. We’ve got the full details, from a source familiar with the agreement.

For at least 40 receptions, Smith-Schuster gets another $500,000. For at least 50 receptions, that number becomes a million dollars. At 65 receptions, the maximum is 1.5 million dollars.

For at least 500 yards, he gets another $500,000. For at least 650 yards, it becomes $1 million. At 900 yards, it comes to the $1.5 million limit.

For 45 percent of his playing time, he gets another $500,000. For 65 percent of playing time, it becomes $1.5 million.

In order to make it to the Pro Bowl, Smith-Schuster earns another $1 million.

The latest $2 million combines individual and group performances. If Smith Schuster played at least 50 percent of the AFC Championship, and if the Chiefs won the game, he would receive another $500,000 for 65 receptions in the regular season and another $500,000 for 900 yards in the regular season. If Smith-Schuster plays in at least 50% of the Super Bowl and if The Chiefs wins, he will receive another $500,000 for 65 regular season receptions and another $500,000 for 900 yards in the regular season.

Hill’s absence alters Smith-Schuster’s calculus. He will likely play more, and possibly score more goals. But he’s also more likely to enjoy unfavorable matches, as defenses won’t focus on stopping both Hill and the tight end. Travis Kelsey.

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This is the real question. What and when did the Chiefs and Smith-Schuster know regarding a possible Tyreek Hill deal when Smith-Schuster signed the Chiefs? Smith Schuster agreed to the terms one day after sending the trade Davant Adams for the invaders. As Agent Drew Rosenhouse said Thursday, Adams Trading Changed Everything.

Did the Chiefs know they were going to lose Hill when they convinced Smith-Schuster to accept a basic package of just $3.25 million ($1.455 million signing bonus, $1.035 million salary, $250,000 workout bonus, $510k in per-game bonuses)? Does Smith Schuster know?

If the answer to the first question was yes and the answer to the second question was no, Smith-Schuster might have been able to get more than $3.25 million in base pay, because he knew bosses had a growing need in a position.

Regardless, Smith-Schuster’s experience with the Chiefs would be vastly different without Hill than it would have been with Hill. It’s entirely possible that Smith-Schuster had no idea Hill would be leaving less than a week after JuJu signed his name on the contract.