May 25, 2024

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Internet problems among young people: “They don't know about the dangers of the Internet”

Internet problems among young people: “They don't know about the dangers of the Internet”

Issues surrounding screen time and the use of electronic devices and social networks by young people are debated in the public square and even in the political class.

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Elise Dubas, high school speaker on cyber issues, and Benoit Gauthier, author of research on the psychological effects of using screens, were invited on the show's set. balance sheetWe need to address these issues that will affect the future generation.

balance sheet

Mrs. According to Dubras, “Parents should never hand over a phone, tablet or any other electronic device without putting a frame around it, not even a computer.”

“I've been working on Internet issues for almost two years now,” he explains. What I see is that our students come to Secondary 1 with devices they don't know how to use.

The youth worker notes that they “have no awareness of what the Internet is” and therefore use social networks and their devices without knowing the consequences of their actions.

He gives the example of the Snapchat app, whose ephemeral messages users send to each other through message boxes give the impression that they are deleted once the recipient has read the message.

“They think that once a message is destroyed, it is truly destroyed,” he adds.

“They don't know about the dangers of the Internet, and then parents give them the device and say, 'Hey, look, all your friends have one, so you go, you have one,'” he explains.

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Mrs. Dubras then makes an analogy with the example of a driver's license.

According to him, just as one learns to drive to get permission to use a motor vehicle, “one has to learn to use electronic devices” to be allowed to use them.

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