February 25, 2024

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Jack Kirby Son takes on ‘Stan Lee’ Disney+ documentary – Deadline

Jack Kirby Son takes on ‘Stan Lee’ Disney+ documentary – Deadline

A new Disney+ documentary about the life of Marvel Comics editor Stan Lee has drawn heavy criticism from his co-star’s son.

Disney+ Documentary, Stan Lee, Neil Kirby, who posted a series of tweets with the help of his daughter Jillian Kirby, was challenged. The complaint states that Lee received much of the credit for creating the Fantatic Four, The Incredible Hulk, and other Marvel characters that Kirby had a hand in bringing to life.

Are we assuming Lee had a hand in the creation of every Marvel character? Are we assuming he was never the other co-person who walked into Lee’s office and said, “Stan I have a great idea for a character!” According to Lee, that was always his idea. I spend a great deal of time talking about how and why he created the Fantastic Four, with one passing reference to my dad.”

Neil wrote that Lee relied on others for key plot points.

It should be noted and generally accepted that Stan Lee had limited knowledge of history, mythology, or science. On the other hand, my father’s knowledge of these subjects, which I and many others can attest to personally, was quite extensive. Einstein summed it up best. More knowledge, less Ego. Less knowledge, more ego.”

Neil Kirby has said he’s tired of the legend of Stan Lee, and he’s defending all the writers and artists whose work has been overshadowed by his work.

And the post concludes, β€œIt is time at least to correct this chapter of literature/art history.” Naff said.

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