July 17, 2024

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Katy Perry announces new music in a tiny crochet bikini and metal legs

Katy Perry announces new music in a tiny crochet bikini and metal legs

It didn’t take a tipster to predict new music coming from Katy Perry. After all, the clues were scattered all over her social media pages. Well, we are happy to announce that the wait is finally over. Four years (!!) after her last music release, Katy has confirmed that KP6 is on the way with news of the release of their first single “Woman’s World” on July 11. So. almost.

Of course, the wait is not over yet. But her announcement — posted via Instagram along with a promotional photo of the cover art for the single starring the singer — gives us something to instantly obsess over. It is her outfit.

In the shot, Katie can be seen wearing a tiny white crochet bikini, with the top of her tiny triangle neckline flashing just below the chest. She paired beachwear with hip-high, muscular metal leg wraps to create the effect of a centaur-like robotic creature.

it’s not no Look…judge for yourself:

Katie’s metal legs were designed by a French designer and CGI artist, Victor Clavelli. In addition to working with brands including Rick Owens, her eponymous brand Clavelli sees the designer regularly experiment with sculptural forms, and the sci-fi elegance is a recurring theme throughout his collections.

It’s also not the first time Katie has chosen an architectural group. Many for her American Idol She looks during her final season It consists of metal clothing, from the metal top of the spaceship that actually broke off during filming to her golden armor.

While we initially mourned the end of the TV musical because it meant no more flames from our favorite judge (Suz Lionel Richie), Katie’s announcement suggests there’s a lot more yet to come from this new era. Bring KP6!

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