April 23, 2024

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Kiev denies visit of German president

Kiev denies visit of German president

The (Berlin) Chancellor, reluctant to supply heavy weapons, declared that Kiev had no personality: Germany was once again standing against the wall, called to show firm support for Ukraine in the face of Russia.

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Isabelle LE PAGE
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The confession is a bit of an insult to German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier: he admitted on Tuesday that he did not welcome what he was planning to do in the Ukrainian capital.

The trip was to take place with the presidents of Poland and the Baltic states: “I was willing to do that, but frankly, I should note that this is not necessary in Kiev.” Steinmeier noted. Travel to Warsaw.

Daily Bild first quoted the Snape as saying, “We all know Steinmeier’s close ties with Russia. He was not welcomed. Give this time. Let’s see if that changes. ⁇

Mr. Angela Merkel, a two-time Secretary of State. Steinmeier’s latest Mia Gulba, apparently not enough.

He admitted in early April that he had made a “mistake” by supporting a blockade policy with Russia.

“We are stuck on bridges that Russia no longer trusts and our partners have warned,” the head of state admitted.

German MP in Ukraine

Steinmeier wanted to make the trip at a time when President Olaf Scholes was in a hurry to offer new support to Ukraine.

Ukrainian Ambassador to Berlin Andrij Melnyk said, “I think the president’s visit to Kiev will be a strong signal.

The leader will not come empty-handed like Boris Johnson, who promised to supply Ukraine with armored vehicles and missiles.

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But Olaf Scholz has been evading several days in the distribution of heavy weapons. When Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, Berlin was previously reluctant to provide defensive weapons.

Acerbic, Bild mocked the president’s visit to Lபெbeck in northern Germany for a regional election meeting, “while Boris Johnson was walking through Kyiv with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky”.

“The president must begin to use his skills to set and guide guidelines,” Liberal MP Mary-Agnes Strock-Zimmerman told the business daily Handelsblatt on Monday.

The head of the Security Council in Pantestalk left for Ukraine on Tuesday with foreign group leaders Michael Roth (SPD) and European affairs Anton Hofreiter (Greens).

All three are from the ruling coalition parties and all three want Olaf Scholes to show the green light to supply heavy weapons to Ukraine. They have to meet with Ukrainian representatives in the war in the west of the country.

Baerbock “La gives”

German Foreign Minister and environmental activist Annalena Berbach has called for the immediate delivery of equipment to Ukraine.

MMe Baerbock “shows the Chancellor how to do it”, in an assessment of the news channel n-tv, which he describes as “setting the tone for an unstable government”.

Surprisingly, it is the Greens, who are traditionally profound pacifists, who insist the most. “It’s very hard for me to hear such a thing,” admitted Anton Hoffrieder.

This is to address the nature of the armored vehicles that can be delivered, taking into account the needs of the bandwidth. Germany has exhausted the possibility of drawing up its military reserves, in the absence of bad equipment, Defense Minister Kristin Lambrecht explained this weekend.

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Many armed groups, such as RhineMetal, have volunteered to make available second-hand tanks, particularly those of the Leopard 1 type.

Recently, the ambassador to Ukraine, Mr.Me However, Strock-Zimmerman warned against sending vehicles requiring training, such as mortar-type tanks, from Ukraine before use.

“Your soldiers must control them, otherwise they will turn into real cannon fodder,” he warned.