May 21, 2024

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“Kleptomaniac” cat steals underwear, socks and gloves

“Kleptomaniac” cat steals underwear, socks and gloves

A thieving cat is wreaking havoc in the Challans district of Vendée, France, stealing neighbors’ underwear, socks and gloves.

Bungie, an 8-year-old kitten, has a reputation as a four-legged thief, stealing everything in the neighborhood that doesn’t take precautions to protect him from it.

In the space of a month, the cat stole at least twenty pairs of gardening gloves, which she proudly brought back to her master, Dylan.

According to France Bleu Radio, Bungie trained in the now-uncomfortable master’s underwear and socks before becoming good at stealing gloves.

A quiet cat who shares her home with three other cats changes her behavior drastically when she goes out on a broom to steal in the evening.

“It’s true that it can be a little annoying when an animal steals things, especially if it’s not ours,” the 28-year-old wrote in a Facebook post.

“I warn you to be careful with other people’s possessions so you don’t end up with bras, panties, boxer shorts that don’t belong to you.”

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