June 16, 2024

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Trump said he was too busy to sort out government secrets

Trump said he was too busy to sort out government secrets

Former US President Donald Trump, who has faced accusations of careless handling of government secrets since leaving the White House, defended himself in a Fox News interview on Sunday, saying he was too “busy” to sort through classified documents.

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The 77-year-old Mr. Trump, who has said he will try to win the presidency again next year, said his quick exit from the White House in January 2021 had personal consequences. Mixed in with government documents.

“I rushed them out, but people tied them up and we got out. I had clothes in it, all kinds of personal things in it – lots of stuff.” “I have every right to keep these boxes,” he said.

Asked by Fox News reporter Bret Baier why he did not turn over the documents at the behest of federal agents, Mr. Trump responded, “Because I had boxes, I wanted to go through those boxes to take out all my personal. Belongings. I don’t want to put them back…right now.”

“I’ve been very busy, as you can see,” he added.

Mr. Trump appeared before a federal judge in Miami a week ago after the FBI searched his Florida mansion last August and formally announced 37 charges against him as part of the investigation.

The former Republican president is accused of endangering the security of the United States by keeping classified documents, including information about military plans or nuclear weapons, in the bathroom or storage room of his luxury home in Mar-Lago, Florida. They were sent to the National Archives.

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